Writing quadratic equations from a parabola's coordinates

I’m year 11 and doing a old Maths paper at the moment and I’ve come to the exellence question.

I have a parabola that has the following co ordinates and i am in desperate need on how to make them in to a quadratic equation

(5, 0)
(15,10) thats the maximum

there’s no Y intersept as the graph doessn’t show it

the answer sheet gives the equation:

y = -0.1(x-15)^2+10

any help on how they got that would be much appreciated

Hi GeoNerd

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If we draw the graph of the equation they give as an answer we find that it goes through the two points on the x axis (5,0) and (25,0). Not the two points on the y axis you give.

We start with the standard equation

1…y = x2

The question tells us that the maximum is (15,10).
This tells us that the vertex 0 (which was at (0,0), has been moved 15 across and 10 up.
We have to adjust the equation by replacing y with (y-10) and x with (x-15).

2…y-10 = (x-15)^2

The parabola may have been stretched in someway. We need a coefficient to show this.

3…y-10 = a(x-15)2

If this parabola goes through the point (5,0), then we can substitute those coordinates in the equation to find the value of a.

4…0-10 = a(5-15)2
5…-10 = a.102
6…a = -0.1

So the equation is

7…y = -0.1(x-15)2 + 10