Wondering if there are any templates you have that could help me on connections

Do you know if there are any templates we can follow to guide us on what information to write. My teacher hasn’t given us any information about the assesment.

Kiā ora stjar5 and welcome.
The connections standard is all about being able to look at similarities between different texts. It is a lot of fun. These similarities can be of theme (looking at the same idea) eg. The exposure of social issues. Or they could be of structure, eg. the use of the sonnet form. Or of purpose eg. texts that are trying to persuade us of something. Or of genre. Eg the ideas in dystopian texts.
You need to have four texts - they can be written, visual, oral, or a combination of these. They could include different genres/forms. Eg a short story, a lyric, a film, a poem. Or all be the same. Eg. four lyrics.
So the first thing you need to think about is what you want to have a look at. Maybe a common theme. Here are some suggestions - the social issues shown in rap songs. The effects of war. The nature of the hero. The nature of love. The concerns of dystopian texts.
Once you have that sorted you need to have a think about four texts. Three of them can be ones you have looked at in class perhaps.
How about you have a think about those starting points and come back to the forum when you have decided and we can look at the next steps.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for the help. I have decided to choose the theme The reality of war is shocking. It is inhumane to expose anyone to it, ever." I so far have the poems Dulce et Decorum est and disabled by Wilfred Owen and the short film The Hun: World War 1. I am yet to find another text.

Kiā ora again
That sounds really good for a theme and the texts you’ve got thus far are great. Now perhaps think about basing the study around some subheadings Eg how the theme is shown in each text ( you need evidence from the text to support this), what the purpose of the text is (why the creator created it) and maybe what we can learn from each. Kind of like three sub headings that keep you on track.
There are a couple of ways you can approach the presentation of all of this…
A. You can look at each text in terms of the subheadings ( how the theme is shown etc) and collect evidence and then write a section showing this and connecting the texts. So you start with Text A and outline how it is shown and giving evidence, then bring in text B and outline what it shows with evidence and make connections - "in the same way, likewise, furthermore and other expressions like this that link them. Then bring in Text 3 and do the same making links to Text A and B and then bring in the last text and do the same, linking to the other three texts.
B Go through the first text and look at the three subheadings and provide evidence and then move to the second text and do the same linking them and then the same for Text3 and 4 making sure you connect them to the other texts as well.

Hope this all makes sense.
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