What makes us love a villain?

Would you agree, that deep down we are more attracted to the attributes of the villain than those of the heroes? (This was in 2013’s exam questions) I need helppp

A villain is more relatable to the reader. Heroes are good, and being good in this society goes against the crowd. Although this is an attribute to admire, we ourselves, as people living in a society that is so easy to fall short in are more like villains.

Attributes of villains are greed, acceptance which are like our desires as humans (although they may not be good desires). But in a way we share the desires of the villain, as villains show the bad side of human nature. Take for example teens these days. We are so fixated on getting accepted in this society- and like villains, we are willing to do outrageous things to get this acceptance; some people will drink and take drugs or badmouth people. So I would say what makes us love a villain is how relatable they are.

On the other hand, although attribute of heroes are good and should be admired, most of us don’t want to be heroes. Heroes have to sacrifice things and go through pain- go against the crowd. Most people don’t want to be heroes, because it takes courage, and sometimes means that we can’t get our desires of popularity and acceptance. Take that popularity example again: generally, teens are so fixated and blinded by the popularity that they don’t want to be good. They want to be bad so much more, because that is where our desires lie. If they were to be like a hero, they would be stopping people from drinking, but that would be at the expense of popularity. So although we should be attracted to good attributes, if being good comes at the expense of our own desires, we would rather choose being bad because humans are selfish- it’s in our human nature. You could then build on that and remark on how the author is commenting and suggesting on how we should change (if you have the evidence), otherwise you could put your personal view in?

Idk but I hope this helps!! (This is just my personal view though hahaha, but make it yours!) :slight_smile:

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Hiya Ally

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What film are you studying?

The question / statement asks for your opinion. Think about your film. It’s a great topic. You can argue either way. You don’t have to agree with the statement.


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Thank you so much. You are so good and very helpful. You have helped me open up some ideas!!! :))

Yes, I’ve tried to look around the site that google has given, but it keep saying that there’s no discussions and so on. Hence why it had led me to make this account and asked for help. But anyways, we have been studying Skyfall in James Bond series and looking at characters such as Silva Raoul, as the Villain. Hope you can help :)) Thank youuu

Hiya Ally,
Skyfall is a great film.
Personally I don’t see very much in Raoul that would be attractive. Bond, though flawed, has many admirable qualities - loyalty, compassion, bravery. He also disregards authority. I would argue against this topic. Raoul is a manipulator.

Here’s a couple of links :


Hope that helps - ET2

Yes that is right but if the wording was changed from “attracted” to “excited” in that question would it then be much better to agree with that statement specifically in that film because him as a villain in that film is quiet interesting because we see him as a mirror image of bond (he is like the bad bond- so may similarities) except different. I dont know if you understand my point. But thank you.

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