What is the difference between "explain" and "discuss" on the mark schedule?

On the mark schedule, the difference between M and E is explain and discuss, for example;

Explains why oxygen
production is highest
at midday and lowest
at midnight (different
light intensities)

• Discusses how light
intensity AND
temperature affect the
production of oxygen
throughout the day.

Could someone please provide an example of the answer expected, and how to reach E?

Hi kabagee

Explain is often related to a “how” (usually process) or “why” (usually the purpose).

Discuss will require making multiple links and this will really depend on the resource (context) you have been given in the question.

From the example you have provided, I believe the question has something to do with photosynthesis.

For the the M, looking at the question you have given, you would be required to make the link between the highest light intensity is around midday (allowing the light dependent phase to continually produce, which means that the rates of photosynthesis would be at the highest (as well as heat which means that enzymes for photosynthesis are also at their optimum conditions - can also be used later for the E ideas). This also means that the if there are no limiting factors (the reactants of photosynthesis - Carbon dioxide, water, saturation of chloroplast ) the rate of oxygen production will therefore be at the highest .

The opposite will be true for mid-night because even with the presence of the reactants, there is no sunlight, so the light dependent phase of photosynthesis is unable to take place.

I would assume for the E, since temperature is required, you would have to make a link to the enzymes involved and their availability to function optimally during the day (heat) and will have a lower rate of reaction at night (colder).

So to break it down simply
M - has a stronger focus on the light intensity (use a paragraph to explain what happens during the day and what happens at night)
E - An additional discussion on how temperature affects enzymes during the reaction.

And since light intensity is required, some further links made to the light dependent and independent phase of the question is likely required.

Hope that helps!