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Hi, I am really wanting some information if there is any possible solution or way for me to take physics in level 3 if I didn’t take the exams in level 2? I really need to take the subject for the course I want to study in university but do you think its a good idea doing physics in level 3 if I struggled with it at level 2? I’m getting mostly excellences and merits in all my other subjects such as chemistry, biology, english, maths and health but I only seem to be doing badly at physics. Is there anyway I could persuade my physics teacher if I can still take it next year or should I give up? I am going to meet him at school today to discuss about it.

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Hi @lorain11uy

Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with Physics. I did too at high school. Physics deals with lots of tricky concepts, that can take time and effort to understand.

Some schools require you to meet a certain level of achievement at L2 to grant entry, others don’t. I assume you know how this works for your school.

In my experience, students who demonstrate merit and excellence in the external papers in other sciences as well as maths often have the work ethic necessary to succeed in Physics. However a strong grasp of L2 Physics is certainly going to provide the foundation to support your learning at L3.

If you’re worried you won’t meet entry requirements, you could ask if your teacher would allow you to continue to work on L2 Physics in your own time over the summer, then give you a test to sit in February. If this is an option, discuss which papers they would want you to prioritise. They may depend on what is taught as part of a L3 Physics course at your school.

You might also be able to find a private tutor to help your understanding. Your teacher might know of some in your area. You should discuss this with your parents/caregivers as this option will likely have a cost. Some schools might grant a struggling student entry to L3 on the condition they continue their learning outside of school.

Another option would be to enrol in Te Kura over the summer (either this summer or next). They offer some standards that could help reinforce your understanding, and give you a chance to gain more credits in Physics.

You could get a L3 Physics workbook and find many of the great free resources online. If you have access to a learning platform like esucation perfect, this would be a useful resource for you too. Work on these in your own time to build your understanding. Your teacher might give you a chance to demonstrate understanding to gain entry into L3.

Even if you can’t take the course, your school might let you sit the NCEA exam. I’ve had students that couldn’t take Physics due to timetabling issues. With a good deal of work outside of class they have still succeeded in the exams (they were very motivated).

If all else fails, you could ask your chosen university about a bridging course. This would help you meet the required level of understanding even if you hadnt conpleted certain requirements while at school.

Best wishes. If you need any further advice, or clarification of anything I’ve said, let me know.

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If you applied yourself well during your Level 2 year and you performed reasonably well when compared with the rest of your cohort then there is every chance you would be alright with Level 3 Physics. You should be able to handle the (a) and (b) questions in the Level 3 externals and, with the help of StudyIt and maybe a tutor when required, you may well be fine in the (c) questions. You say you struggled a bit. I had my moments as well when I was an average school student but completed an honours degree through sheer hard work.

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Thank you so much for your reply, it was really helpful towards allowing me to know about what I should discuss with my physics teacher. He settled on allowing me to continue to work on Level 2 Physics during my own time in summer and I will sit a test once school starts to allow me to take it in Level 3.

This response was extremally informative and made me feel a lot more better and less stressed about if I was capable on being able to still take physics in Level 3 next year with my situation. I really appreciate it, thank you once again.

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Hi, thank you so much for listing resources I could use to help with my learning as well as the areas I should understand to be able to do well in physics at Level 3. Definitely makes me a lot less stressed, I really appreciate it.

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