Question about recessive allele in an individual

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Describe how a recessive allele is expressed in an individual?

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Hi GeoNerd To answer this question you have to think about what is the different between recessive alleles and dominant alleles. Recessive alleles are hidden by the dominant allele so recessive alleles are only expressed when there is two copies of the recessive allele together. Now can you use this information to answer the question like you would in an exam?

Hi! If your wondering how to word the difference between dominant and recessive alleles, if a dominant allele is present it will show (either heterozygous - 1 dominant and 1 recessive allele, or homozygous dominant - 2 dominant alleles), but in order for a recessive allele to show, the genotype must be homozygous recessive, (there being two recessive alleles).

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What you have written is correct. You could add more detail and this will add more science words to your answer. For example “if a dominant allele is present in the genotype it will show in the phenotype of the individual.”
Another thing you can do to improve the answer is to add an example - “in some plants red flower colour is controlled by a dominant allele. Only one dominant allele needs to be present for the flower to be red but two recessive alleles must be present for the flower colour to be white.” Blue/brown eyes in humans is another example you could use in this answer.