Question about Essay 91099 Structure

Hey there. Struggling year 12 student here.
I just had a couple questions about the essay structure and writing tips on the exam.

  1. Do we only write about 1 scene, analysing whatever the question asks for, or do we need to analyse the question from multiple scenes? Such as in ‘Hidden Figures’, can we analyse from only the bathroom scene as it is filed with different techniques, or do we need a variety of scenes?
  2. When asked for evidence, does a camera shot satisfy the answer, or do we need quotes to back it up, or more than one technique in each paragraph?
  3. How many ideas/shots/characters/quotes/symbolisms should I study for to have a good variety to choose from on the exam? Im afraid the questions ive studied for might not come up on the day, and therefore i wont have a good essay.

And finally, please give a few tips on how to get E on the exam day.

Thank you so much!

Kiā ora seri

  1. This depends on the question - some may say ‘a scene’ but if it is a question about character or setting or ideas then you could use several scenes. As for the bathroom scene, if you are answering a

question about techniques and you have several that relate to the idea and will allow you to talk in some depth about the ideas then that would work.
2. For evidence it can be a description of the camera shot, or details that occur perhaps. Having three or four techniques in total is a good idea for the whole essay. It is really in your explanation of the way the technique shows the second part of the question that the Merits and Excellences lie.
3. I think if you have prepared thoughts about the purpose of the film, what the director wanted us to think about, and why these ideas were important and then have a detailed knowledge of two or three scenes with examples of three techniques for each, you will be well set up for any question. It is not a good idea to have an essay that you have memorised ready- they tend to not answer the question.
4. For E you need to have answered the question fully with supporting evidence and then dealt with the wider context. This comes back to the purpose - why did the director want us to consider these ideas, what do they say about being human, what do they say about the world - or people. This is the insight or perception that is mentioned in the criteria.
Eg. Analyse how controversial ideas were presented to challenge or reinforce your views.
The question needs you to explain what the ideas were and what made them controversial then how they were presented - the techniques, characters, setting, etc and how they challenged or reinforced your already held views and then why this was something that was important to do.
Hope that helps. Good luck for the exam.

Needed this info as my exam is next week. Many thanks to you and your team!