Please give feedback on my Hunt for the Wilderpeople Essay

In the film Hunt for the Wilder people (2016) directed by Taika Waititi, we see a positive relationship between Ricky who is a troubled kid who has lots of potential and Hector Falkner who him and his wife have decided to take Ricky into their care to give him another chance. At the start of the film, we see Hec not wanting Ricky in his house because he annoyed that he is taking all of Bella’s love and there is none left for him.

Hec and Ricky relationship starts off being very negative. This is because when Ricky interacts with Hec or asks him questions, he proceeds to ignore him or have closed ended answers. We also see on Ricky’s birthday when him and Bella are singing, Hector is quite and just watches. This is because he is insecure about himself and believes that no one loves, because he thinks since Ricky is here she gives him all the love and attention and doesn’t spend any time with him. I likely reason why he still has this at his age is because as a child he may have been left out of lots of things or bullied which would’ve affected his mental health, and he hasn’t recovered since.

Throughout the film, we see Ricky and Hec have their highs and lows in their relationship. We first see how they have grown a relationship when Paula finds Ricky in the bush and promises that he won’t go to juvee if he trades in Hector. Ricky replies and says “you don’t trade family for anything” this shows how Ricky has excepted him into his life and that they are family. We see how Hector feels about Ricky when they run into hunters in the bush, Ricky tells them to call him and Hec the wilder people, when the hunters don’t hear Ricky, Hec relays the message with a strong tone and repeats the message.

Hec and Ricky now trust and rely on each other to help get them out of the bush without being caught by the police, they find a nice hut and settle down, not long after the police surround the property, and they must escape, this is when Ricky jumps in the drivers seats and Hec lets him. This shows that Hector trusts Ricky with his life, at the start of the film there is no way Hec would give him this much trust, this is why the relationship is so important to the film because it shows that we must give people time because at the start we may not like them, but we must give others a chance.

Throughout the film, we see the relationship between Hector and Ricky grow immensely, this is because Ricky was able to fulfil his potential and become a hero and keep Hec safe in the bushes on a broken ankle. He made sure they had food and shelter. This show how important the relationship was to the film because they were both given a set-back being Bella’s death, but they pushed through it and used each other to grow stronger because of it.

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Could you head up with the question you are answering please? It means the feedback can be helpful.

The question is to Describe a positive or negative relationship and how it is important to the film

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Thanks for the question. In the intro you can see you have dealt with the first part of the question…" we see a positive relationship between Ricky who is a troubled kid who has lots of potential and Hector Falkner who him and his wife have decided to take Ricky into their care to give him another chance." But nowhere is there a mention of the second part of the question _ how this is important to the film. So lets think about how it is important to the film. The relationship allows us to appreciate the way we develop relationships with people and they let us grow, they let us become more confident as someone believes in us, they let us see the way we can realise our potential. This is important because it lets us live as individuals - it lets us grow and it enables us to be who we can be.
You get there with the second paragraph and the third.
This is a sound response. You have good evidence, great examples to show what you are saying - you just need to stress a little more the reason it is important - we all need to learn this stuff!!
Hope that helps