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Describe at least one minor character in a written text you have studied.
Explain how the minor character impacted events.

The dystopian novel ‘Animal Farm’ delves into the ideas of the exploitation of the lesser, or uneducated. The minor character Boxer is vulnerable to his lack of knowledge, and is therefore blinded from the truth. George Orwell demonstrates or portrays Boxer’s characteristics through the use of repetition, irony and symbolism. Boxer is a key minor character due to his strength, and is ultimately responsible for the development of the windmill, a key symbol in the novel.

Animal Farm written in 1945 by George Orwell was composed in the period of the notorious reign of Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Animal Farm is an allegory of the Russian revolution in which Joseph Stalin is portrayed as a pig called Napoleon. Animal Farm demonstrates a society where the educated will always prevail, against the lesser ‘Working class’.

George Orwell uses repetition to show how Boxer is exploited and blinded from the truth, by his own lack of knowledge. When Boxer says ‘ I will work harder’ it shows us how his naivety motivates him. ‘ I will’ shows his absolute belief that he will always push through and work harder. This mantra he continually uses is his strength yet weakness at the same time, as this very belief kills him. This belief impacted the development of the windmill majorly as Boxer was an orchestral part of the scheme. ‘ Napoleon is always right’ again is repeated multiple times in the text by Boxer, which shows the brain washing which has taken place on the farm. This belief again is responsible for the demise of Boxer, as he is the only one on the farm who has the power to overthrow the communist scheme. If Boxer wasn’t naive the life on Animal Farm would be much different. The exploitation of Boxer on the farm shows us Napoleon’s highlights how the pigs manipulate the lesser and use them till they die. The Author uses minor characters to show man’s inhumanity to man. Joseph Stalin manipulated the working class into believing that he was always right, and from there worked them till death. The notorious Hitler manipulated the people of Germany into believing that his way was always right. The greatest risk which Hitler faced was the deplenishing belief of his own people. As they were his tools which he used to concur.

Furthermore Orwell uses irony to show us how his determination is his strength and weakness at the same time. ‘ I have no wish to take life. Not even human life’ Not only does this quote which Napoleon says shows us his caring nature, it also shows us that Napoleon’s regime only threatened to have no intention of an overthrow. The significance of the power which Boxer holds is painful, as his stupidity allows the pigs to abuse the other animals without repercussions. The life in Animal Farm would be very different, if Boxer had a knowledge of the pigs intentions, as this would have impacted how the pigs lead the animals majorly. ‘ Not even human life’ shows us that even though Boxer has a putrid hate for humans, he still would never inflict harm to one. This is ironic as the person who holds the power of an overthrow wouldn’t even hurt an enemy, who has deprived his friends of freedom. The author uses irony to reinforce how society’s lack of knowledge will cause brainwashing and manipulation to take place. Orwell’s intention is to show us that the brain will always prevail against brawn. Boxer is a key example of how in life, people’s infinite capacity for cruelty encourages them to manipulate the uneducated and use them till death.

Orwell uses quotation as a technique to show how Boxer impacted events on Animal Farm. “Napoleon is always right” highlights how the character Boxer is severely manipulated and lacks the brain power to make intelligent choices. Boxer’s lack of knowledge is a major con about his character as this leads to the exploitation of his strength. The impact of his stupidity effects the development of the windmill majorly, as he was a key component in the production. Boxer was the unbreakable back bone of the operation, working over time just to satisfy the likes of Napoleon. Orwell uses minor characters to highlight the standard of living on Animal Farm under the rule of Napoleon the Pig. Stalin brainwashed the working class into believing his schemes. So promised equality quickly turned to slavery. The working class was manipulated into believing what they are doing is for the betterment of their country. Hoever they were just contributing to the mass murdering of their fellow citizens. This links to Animal Farm because not only is Animal farm an allegory of the Russian Revolution but also a demonstration of life under a greedy leader.

Boxer is a key minor character because he is an integral part of the development of the windmill. He impacted this event significantly because he is the backbone of the operation. The brainwashing of Boxer shows the exploitation of the animals on the farm. George Orwell portrays Boxer’s characteristics through the use of repetition, irony and symbolism. Animal Farm shows us a society under the rule of a communist government. We are shown how the animals’ standard of living, and the laws they endure. Boxer is key minor character who demonstrates a group who has been severely manipulated. The manipulation of Boxer shows us how people will manipulate the vulnerable for their own personal gain.

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In the intro you need to do a few things as clearly as you can - Answer both parts of the question so the reader knows where you are going to go in the essay and show you understand the purpose of the author, which underlies all questions.
So you need to make it clear that the minor character you are going to look at is Boxer - it could be helpful to briefly explain who he is - is he one of the exploited as you have established in the first sentence? What truth is he blinded from? What knowledge does he lack?
Then you need to establish that he impacted events - that he caused things to happen in certain ways - and these events then revealed the author’s purpose, which you have established as the exploitation of the uneducated. Is there perhaps a little more you could say here? What was the windmill a symbol of? Perhaps you could mention the idea that the exploitation was undertaken by those who desired power for themselves and Boxer allowed us to fully appreciate this.
In the body paragraphs you develop this notion much better, but you lose sight a little of the notion of the event. If it is the windmill then maybe you could look at how Boxer slavishly worked to rebuild it and died doing so, rejected by the leaders - symbolising the state in Russia.
Have a go at including clearer references to the event in the essay you have perhaps. It reads a little as if you have a prepared response with language features and just needs some more specific reference to the question.

Hope this helps.
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