Please can I have feedback ( Animal Farm Essay intro)

Conflicts between groups lead to deeper understanding about related ideas. George Orwell’s novel Animal farm depicts a constant conflict between 2 characters. More specifically a conflict between man and the general society of animals. At various points in the novel the conflict thickness and the reader gains specific understanding. Examples would be from the rebellion the reader is able to understand freedom, the hens rebellion against Napoleon helps present the idea of equality, and the battle of the cowshed shows the idea of political power

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It would be helpful to have an idea of the question you are looking at to see how you are going.

Describe at least one conflict in the text.
Explain how this conflict helped you to understand the key ideas.

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Thanks. OK so in the intro you need to set up both sides of that question -both who the characters in conflict are and what ideas it exposes. Perhaps using Napoleon and the pigs in conflict with the other animals?
Then in the body paragraphs you could explore three specific events that come from the conflict and for each talk about the idea it shows like the corruption of power and the nature of freedom?
Then you come back in the conclusion to the conflict and an overview of what you learned.
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