Linking to human condition meaning

What does it mean when we link an idea to the human condition? Do we have to have a link to the human condition for each body paragraph for excellence?

Kiā ora and welcome Finau
A great question. The notion of the human condition comes in at all levels. It is all about what it means to be human. So let’s unpick that. As humans or humanity, we all experience the same feelings, emotions, understandings - it is kind of referring to the unique and fundamental aspects of human existence, experience, and nature that define what it means to be human. It encompasses various aspects of human life, including physical, emotion.
Think about a common concern. Say mortality: Humans are aware of their own mortality, which can lead to a sense of existential angst and a search for meaning in life. People wonder about their purpose in life, who they are. We all experience emotions - like joy and love, sorrow and fear and the way we respond to them is interesting. We all need some connection to things, we all have to deal with struggles and conflict. We all have to decide what is 'right ’ and what is ‘wrong’. We are all creative and need to find meaning. These are the things which you explore when you look at texts and when you reflect on the human condition. The basic idea is that reading texts gives you a greater understanding of these issues.
Hope that helps.

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Do you think that every body paragraph needs to have a link to the wider world to gain excellence or could I just have like 1 or 2 paragraphs in my essay that have strong links to the wider world or human condition?

Kiā ora Finau
I think if you set up the general premise of the link to the human condition or wider world in the opening of the essay then it becomes part of the discussion. Try and avoid the tacked on reference at the end of the body paragraphs - rather incorporate the premise in what you are saying.
Hope that helps

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