Lifecycle of HPV

Kia Ora, I’m just having trouble with one question. What’s the proper lifecycle of HPV?

Kia ora Ariana.monte

Is this question in relation to AS 90927 - Demonstrate biological ideas relating to micro-organisms?

You would not need to “memorise” or be expected to know how long specifically the life cycle of any virus is.

What you would be expected to learn is the “general” life cycle of viruses.

There is a short vid clip and some good notes on this website:

I would highly recommend you learn the 8 steps listed, and then watch the video to reinforce the learning for it.

Exam questions relating to viruses are often combined with the life cycle of a bacteria or fungi, and (for Excellence) usually requires you to compare and contrast how their life cycles can cause diseases in their host.

For example, bacteria release toxins and viruses destroys the cells they infect at the end of their life cycle. Both of these results in the host experiencing “symptoms” of illnesses. (You would need to then link this back to the question).

I hope that helps.

If I have completely misunderstood your question, please let me know and I’ll be happy to clarify again!

Thanks :slight_smile: