Level 3 English: Subject rules and guidelines

Welcome to Level 3 English!

Firstly, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with StudyIt’s forum-wide rules and guidelines as they apply here as well.

Forum-wide rules and guidelines

Here, you can ask questions, and discuss external assessments, essay writing, exams, or anything relevant to Level 3 English generally.


  • This forum is bound by rules set in StudyIt’s forum-wide rules and guidelines.
  • Work produced for internal assessment must be completely your own work. This means that no student work for internally assessed standards can be posted or given feedback on StudyIt. Any internally assessed work that is posted will be deleted. You may still ask questions about internal assessments.

Post guidelines

What can this forum be used for:

  • Asking how to write essays
  • Questions about Level 3 External Assessment Standards
  • Questions about Level 3 Internal Assessment Standards
  • Questions about Level 3 English examinations
  • Questions about Level 3 English credits
  • Questions about specific literature or media used for assessment standards

Wanting to post an essay?

You cannot submit full essays for feedback on StudyIt. Posts can be up to 200 words in length, so you can ask questions about how to write essays or get feedback on a single paragraph.

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Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure of what to do, have concerns or just want to say ‘Hi’ :smiley: