How to answer these wording questions in Geometry 1.6

I found out that there are always word questions like explain how we know that quadrilateral on the pervious page must be a rhombus and you have to use the diagram to explain.
Like I never get these questions! help~ how can you get the hang of doing these questions?

To improve at this type of question, you need to practise, practise, practise.

Also, learn all your geometric reasons thoroughly, so you recognise which to use.

For a question like the one you have posted you need to be very familiar with all the properties of quadrilaterals.
You should think a rhombus is a four-sided shape where all sides have equal length. Also the opposite sides are parallel and the opposite angles are equal.
So for your question, from the information given about the quadrilateral on the previous page, can you prove that any of these are true for this particular quadrilateral.

In a harder example you may need to use the property that in a rhombus, the diagonals cut each other in half at right angles.

You can practise questions from your textbook and also in the past exams

We are here to help you work through questions, so please post any particular questions you can’t do.