Dunkirk essay feedback pls

Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan. Dunkirk is based of true events of soldiers fighting in World War 2, movie follows three different sets of timelines land, air and, sea, These are spilt up in different times, land being 1 week, air being 1 hour and sea being 1 day. All timelines intersect with eachother and play of each other in a seamless fashion. This essay will be on question No.6: Describe at least one important event in the text. Explain how this event had a positive OR negative effect. Important event Farriers heroism.

Farrier, is a pilot of a squad of three spitfire airoplanes, sent to protect the soldiers on the beach of dunkirk from german planes called Stukas they are a reacuring threat present in the film. Throughout the film the mention about how many gallons of fuel one and another pilots have is evident and that Farriers spitfire only has enough fuel to get him back to dunkirk, but with a destroyers with his comrades aboard leaking oil in the sea, Farrier is plagued with the decision to save himself or defend the soldiers trapped in the oil. Farrier knows that if he dosent shoot the german bomber down that all the people trapped in the oils lives are at risk. Farrier makes the decion to save everyone and take down the opposing plane risking his own life so he can save everyone elses.

Among the people in the water is the group aboard the moonstone called Mr Dawson and Peter,
These are the main people in the sea and are apart of a group of thousands of civilans taking boats to dunkirk to save people there kids who are stuck at sea. Thats the group the moonstone is apart of, they are picking up soldiers trapped amonst the higly flamable oil. There is also another group that is amongst the soldiers trapped in the water. The land group which concists of Tommy and Alex, a pair of soliders who are just trying to survive, They are caught in the commotion trying to board the moonstone to escape there certain doom. Farrier decision to save the soldiers in the sea is a great act of heroism commpared to Tommy and alex who are just focusing on them sleeves to survive.

Farrier in lines him self with the german bomber and succeeds in bringing it to the ground still causing the oil to cath a flame but shooting the plane down gave the people amongst te oil time to escape. This act of certian herosim is displayed very well from shot to shot as the camera moves from people in the water to farrier and back and fourth until the final shot of him shooting the plane down and the shepard tone slowing down bringing a sense of calmness and ease to the viewers mind.

A movie shuch as dunkirk is very well written and directed to bring a sense of worry and elegant film making to a viewer or movie triques mind christopher nolan made a movie so artistically well done and brings everything together seamlessly. I believe i have highlighted and important scene in the movie Dunkirk that benefits the story and puts alot of fate on the line.

Kia ora MEOW

You set up which question you are answering in your intro which is a good start - as you grow in confidence, you might want to think about how you phrase this - so instead of saying “this essay we will be on”, you might say “one important event was…” “This event had a positive effect because xyz” - this adds a bit more sophistication but still makes it clear which question you are answering.

Here are some other key things you might think about doing to keep improving

  • Using the Director’s name more to show you understand purpose (must be doing this for M upward) - "Nolan uses a… “Nolan here highlights to us that…”

  • Make sure you are talking about film techniques as examples in each paragraph - you do in your third but your other two are mostly plot summary.

  • In each paragraph, try to tackle the explain part of the question - even if you only get to it at the end of the paragraph. You might say something like “This aspect of the decision had a positive effect because… This is important to understand because…”

Hope that helps - I often tell my students one of the helpful things you can do is go through the same essay and try and apply all the feedback - feel free to do that and post it back here :slight_smile: