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Describe at least one important event in the text. Explain how this event had a positive OR negative effect. Farriers decision. Positive.

The film Dunkirk directed by Christopher Nolan is a real life film about World War II. This film is set in France on a beach in Dunkirk, a small town. In this film the British were going against their opposition, Germany. In the 1940s. Nolan shows tension and suspense throughout this film by using film and sound techniques such as a sound technique shepard tone, a non diegetic sound where the ticking never stops so the audience doesn’t know what is going to happen next. Dunkirk takes place over a week and Farrier, the spitfire pilot, takes place in the air for 1 hour. During this hour Farrier has to make a hard decision which is an important event throughout the film and has a positive impact.

During World War II soldiers from the British Empire, Belgium, and France attempted to flee the town of Dunkirk. The French tried to defend their land but it was unsuccessful so the British came in as allies to try and help but were also unsuccessful.

Farrier was a spitfire pilot throughout World War II. Throughout this film Farrier self sacrificed his time and decided to keep fighting and stay in the air to defend the soldiers on the land from their enemies. His fuel gauge was running low which meant he didn’t have long left in the air and his safe option was to give up and go land. He didn’t choose this option but stayed and fought against his opponents to help the soldiers on the land. This showed the themes survival and self sacrifice. This event had a positive effect throughout the film. We know this because Farrier wasn’t fighting for himself but for the soldiers. This was positive because if he didn’t choose to stay in the air and fight against time the opposition could have destroyed the soldiers on the land in Dunkirk. But with farrier protecting the soldiers and staying, this helped them and protected them which made a positive impact throughout the film. With farrier the soldiers were able to be protected and returned from Dunkirk.

The themes of self sacrifice and heroism is shown throughout this important event in the film because Farrier shows both of these things whilst deciding between whether to stay in the air or not. This is because he could have chosen not to but he decided to stay in the air not fior his own sake but to help others in Dunkirk fighting out.

The audience is kept guessing and concerned about what will happen next by Christopher Nolan’s use of the ticking of the watch, Shepard tone, close-ups of Farrier’s face, and close-ups of Farrier’s fuel gauge. Nolan used these techniques so the watchers can feel the tension and uneasy feeling throughout the film without knowing what will be next. The ticking of the watch and Shepard’s tone signify that time is running out or that the fighters don’t have much time, and the close-ups demonstrate its significance to the action or the entire movie.

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A great film. In the intro you set up both parts of the question, the event is the decision and the outcome is a positive one. You also set up the techniques which is good.
You then move to the event and link it with the positive outcome of saving the lives of soldiers. It might be a good idea to bring in the techniques here as you discuss the event and outcome. They all increase the tension which makes us more aware of the importance of the decision.
Try and end with a conclusion that comes back to the question in both of its parts and covers the purpose of the Director.
Hope this helps
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