Dunkirk eassy practice

Describe at least one important technique used in the text. Explain how the technique created an emotional response in you.

Chirstophor Nolan’s ¨Dunkirk¨ is a movie based on a true story about World War 2 and the evacuation of British soldiers on Dunkirk beach. Nolan uses various different film techniques such as shepherds tone, close ups and the ticking of the watch and how this builds tension among the audience watching.

Nolan uses the ticking of the watch to build tension and to say that the time is running out of time for the people on Dunkirk beach. He uses this when farrier ( spitfire Pilot) is running out of petrol and crash land Or jump out of the airplane To his possible death. Nolan also does this to make sure that the audience is paying attention to what is about to happen.
The ticking of the watch was added by him after the film was made; this is called non-diegetic sound. This made me feel like I should always be on the edge of my seat and always be ready for anything to happen.

Nolan also uses close ups A Lot in this film. A key moment when Nolan uses this is when Farrier has to choose between Truing around and flying home or Carry on going but run out of petrol but help save the people on Dunkirk beach. He choose was to carry on going and run out of petrol. The close up was of the fuel gage and how he only had limited flying time and all the caution he had to do when he didn’t have another plane on his ass. Nolan uses the close up to show the audience the severity of his choice. This made me emotionally upset that he had to make such a big choice on whether to self sacrifice or to turn around.

Nolan also uses shepherds tone which is where The loudest tone slowly disappears and the middle tone rises slightly and the lowest tone is rising this gives the effect that it is never going to end. An example of this is when Farrier has to save a navy boat from getting dive bombed and to save the people on it by shooting down the plane. While this is going on all the people on the boat are cheering for him. This made me emotional feel like this dog fight was never going to end and that the people on the navy boat are going to die.

Using different film techniques not only make the movie interesting but makes you feel engaged with what is going on. The different film techniques also builds tension by not knowing what is about to happen.

Kiā ora
What a great film this is.
In the intro you deal with the first part of the question but not the second which is to look at the emotional response that is created by the techniques. It is always a good idea to set this up in the introduction as well to make sure it is included.
You look at the different techniques and give supporting specific examples which is good. With the exploration of how it created an emotional response you could tease this out a little further to generally develop the essay further.
A solid essay nonetheless.