Does this make sense/ answer the question properly?

Analyse how ideas were used to comment on the nature of society in the written text(s). Note: “Ideas” may refer to character, theme, or setting.

Guilt is unique for each and every individual. Agatha Christie’s “And then there were none,” is a murder mystery set on an isolated island, where participants were invited onto the island as guests to attend a party. Although, in the end of it all, no one left the island. Agatha Christie highlights three key ideas, realising ones guilt, justifying ones guilt and punishment of guilt to comment on the nature of society. These three ideas are developed through the use of three internal conflicts between characters, Vera, Armstong and Wargrave

I want to talk about the three key ideas of guilt but they are shown through conflicts within a character. Does the introduction set up the question properly? Would it be appropriate to write it in this fashion?

p1) The idea of realisation of guilt is is used to comment on the nature of society.
This can be seen through the internal conflict between Vera and herself when she says… quote.

Sorry if its a bit confusing question, just want to know am I on the right track?

Kia ora Shreysh

The question is set up in the intro but the “nature of society” bit is non-specific. You may be better to make a comment, both in your intro and the topic sentence of your first para that is a little more specific - “The realization of guilt is used to comment on how society is…(what)?”

The conflicts bit is fine - it seems like those conflicts will help form your supporting evidence for how the ideas are developed by the author.

Would I comment on just one aspect of nature of society or 3 ( one each paragraph?)

The way the question is phrased suggests you could do either - if you do the same one all the way through, you would want to develop it in different ways/make different comments about it in each para so it does not become repetitive :slight_smile:

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