Can I please have feedback on my catch me if you can

Question: Describe an important relationship in the text? Explain how this relationship helped you to understand wider society?

Stephen Spielberg’s film, ‘Catch me if you can’ highlights many themes throughout the film and one caught my eye from Frank abagnale Jr and that was the need of money which was greed. Frank was greedy for money as he believed that he would get his family back together if he got money. Frank used his charm to trick people into giving him money from checks, and Frank gets too greedy in the end and leads him to a life of crime. Greed can have a toll on people and can put peoples lives at risk. Some People will go too far to get what they want. People will always go back to the things they did to get them out of the dump.

Frank wanted to cash checks as he needed money to live as he ran away from home at 16. He tried cashing checks at many different banks but he got rejected as he didn’t have an account with them or he couldn’t cash the checks as they didn’t believe they were real checks. Frank is trying to cash a check at a hotel, as he is trying to cash the check, a pilot with about 6 airline hostesses walks into the hotel that is filled with bright lights and sun. Spielberg uses high key lighting to show that this is a turning point for Frank, as this is a eureka moment for Frank, because he now knows how he is going to cash checks and earn his money and bring his family back together. Speilberg used this technique as it shows how one little thing can change your point of view, but Frank took it too far as he kept making checks and cashing them in to get money as thats he all wanted to get his family back together and be the person he wanted to be by looking cool and having everything he can have. The author is trying to show the theme of morality as he is trying to show the world that if you know the bad from the good you won’t end up like some people in life, as you could end up better then them.

Frank was a young teenager that was just trying to do whatever he could to help his family get back together after his parents divorced. He had many jobs where he manipulated people that he had qualifications to be a pilot, doctor and a lawyer. When Frank was a doctor, he was still only 18 at the time. Frank learnt how to be a doctor while watching tv as he is still a child after all. Frank was getting round just giving orders, but when a patient comes in with a broken leg, Frank is asked to do work on the patient, but is sick by the look of the leg. He walks to the janitor’s closet as he needs to throw up, but the camera follows him with a tracking shot that shows that Frank doesn’t know what he is doing as a doctor. The tracking shot follows him because they need to find out where he is going because they realized he doesn’t know what he is doing with this patient and that he is putting lives at risk with him not having any doctor qualifications. The Author is showing that if you do the wrong thing all the time you may hurt someone or even put them in danger.

Frank ended up in jail, but Carl gave him a chance of a lifetime to help out the FBI in forging checks, but Frank had to work for the FBI as long as his jail time was. Frank took this offer to help with forging checks. Frank has a lot of work to do as his office just keeps having a lot of files to look at and the checks that have been sent to him. Frank is on the way home from the store and sees a panam pilot suit in the window of a shop and decides to buy it. Frank is off for the weekend but Carl follows him and Frank is headed to the airport. Frank is leaving for departure. They are walking down the tunnel and Spielberg uses a dolly shot as they follow Carl following Frank out of the tunnel. Spielberg used this technique to give people the experience of following out of the tunnel. This relates to society because people will walk away from the thing that is helping them and go back to the dark place they started at.

In conclusion Frank did all of these things just for one thing and that was money and also to get his family back together, this led Frank to bad places and doing the wrong thing all the time. This shows that people will go too far to get what they want and can put peoples lives at risk. Frank did the wrong thing to get money and did his time. Spielberg is trying to say don’t do the wrong thing because it can put peoples lives in Danger.

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Hi Toby - I have recategorised this for you :slight_smile:

It is a good idea in the intro to set up both parts of question - you kind of set up the the “understand wider society” with the the idea that greed takes its toll on people (though it is a good idea to actually USE the key words “understand wider society” , but there is no real mention of the relationship that helps us understand this idea.

After reading through the whole thing - it is evident you understand the film, you have some nice discussion of techniques and a clear sense of authors purpose.

What is not clear, is how you have written this in response to a question - there is no sense of a relationship here, though you do talk a bit about the understanding of wider society. I would go through and consider whether you could tailor this a bit more to the question - who is your relationship between and how does this develop across the text? A good way to make sure you are doing this is to signpost in your topic sentences - at he moment you start each paragraph with plot but you could, for example start with something like “The director first establishes the relationship between… and … when…” or “Spielberg later develops this relationship by showing how…”. This will help you convince the marker you are answering the question, but also help you stay on track with your argument.

Thank you for the information