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Describe a weighty message conveyed in the text

Erich Maria Remarque describes a weighty message throughout his book, All Quiet on the Western Front. The message in this anti war book is shown deeply throughout using horrifying imagery. Erich Maria Remarque uses the theme the horror of war, animal instincts and war destroys the soul to emphasize the idea and the message being told throughout the book. This idea is unforgeable because Remarque describes the theme in such detail that it shocks the reader making it unforgettable.

Erich Maria Remarque wrote about the horrors of war to inform many people how terrifying and life changing WW1 was. His writing is so disruptive because of his experience of trench warfare in WW1 and it had a profound effect on him, changing his life and everyone else’s at that time. Many people at that time had no clue what war was like and thought it was glorious. No one understood it because many soldiers were too shocked to say anything or they were either dead. Remarque book was burnt in the 1930s by the NAZI regime because of its clear depiction of WW1 and what the soldiers went through.

War destroys the soul, one of the many messages described in All Quiet on the Western front. The messages in this anti war book are unforgettable because of how graphic and detailed description depicts it. The following quote “everything has stayed the same but Paul has changed” describes one of the weighty messages in this book: war destroys the soul. When Paul goes home on leave, it is a very important moment that illustrates the importance of the message and theme ( The horror of war & War destroys the soul) that shows the effect war has impacted their souls.

The Horror of war is another example of an important message. The horror of war is one of the main important messages told throughout the book to describe how awful the war was. Chapter 4 when Paul takes cover in the cemetery during an artillery attack “ there is no peace in war, even for the dead” clearly describes to the reader the horror of war. The graphic quotes and writing he uses puts the imagery of the message in the reader’s head to give them a clearer understanding. He shows no glory in his book because there was no glory.

Remarque uses dehimstrateshion of animal instincts to describe the weight messages that he wants the reader to understand. The horrific quote “kill not to be killed” illustrates how difficult the war was and what was necessary to live using animal instincts. Another example quote “wild beats” clearly illustrates how the author thinks of how animal instinct affected the men in these events, how one man could change in a seconded. Remarque uses graphic quotes such as to give a seance of imagery and technique to the reader.

Erich Maria Remarque made it very clear and vivened to the readers what the message being told in All Quiet on the Western Front is by Remarque in great detail. This anti war book describes not only German soldiers in WW1 but many other soldiers throughout the world, their extreme physical, mental trauma. Today there are still many wars in action at this very moment . WW1 was not nearly close to the “war to destroy all wars”, quite the opposite. WW1 created a great depression in Germany and left the whole country in agony but one thing leads to another that created a much bigger one. I strongly believe that all countries should educate each student on this war to decrease the chances of any more war.

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