Another Question from 2020 paper

Hi there
I have another question from the 2020 paper Q2 iii)

So I broke up probabilities for induvial animals. Answers to 2 d.p

100/180 = 0.61

230/410 = 0.56

70/160 = 0.44

Guinea pig
30/70 = 0.43

  • Probability that a female cat is chosen is greater than 0.5 enough to say the statement is true for cats

  • Probability that female dog is chosen is greater than 0.5 but not by a lot, so if a different sample was taken, it is possible male dog could be more chosen

  • Rabbit and cat are both under 0.5, so there are more chance male cats and rabbits will be selected for this sample. Again their probability is fairly close to 0.5, so it is possible with a different sample, female rabbits and cats are chosen more

So my answer doesn’t really align with the marking schedule so if I could receive some feedback and some indication where my answer would sit that would be really helpful.


You are doing very well with your practice before the exam @11111111 !

I believe your answer would earn you an “r” (Merit). Though it doesn’t follow the marking scheme, what you have done is sensible. Calculting probabilities for all types of animals is a good approach, though it limits your ability to give an exact answer as is required in the marking scheme. If you had provided two probabilities (for male and female animals no matter their species) that would have been a better comparison. Also you didn’t provide limitations of this statement. If you aim for excellence that is a “must do” part of all your statistical claims - you have to state what limitations they have.