Animal Farm - essay!

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Question: Describe a key relationship between two or more characters or individuals in the text. Explain how this relationship helped you to understand at least one of these characters or Individuals.

A key relationship in the novel Animal Farm written by George Orwell is Napoleon and Snowball. Relationships can be between complete opposite personalities or completely identical personalities. Napoleon and Snowballs have opposite personalities. The relationship between Snowball and Napoleon helped me understand the novel Animal Farm better.

The relationship between Napoleon and Snowball helped me to understand the relationship more because there are many pieces in the novel that show how different the two characters are from each other. Snowball is intelligent, passionate, brave, inventive, clever, and loyal to the rest of the animals. Napoleon on the other hand is smart, power-hungry, cunning, manipulative, self-centered, mean, lazy, and deceitful. These two characters have nothing in common which makes them rivals for leadership and each other’s enemies. Napoleon and Snowball fight during most of the book trying to gain leadership of Animal Farm, they both have different ways of running the farm but they both want to win. Napoleon’s idea is about not caring about the animals except for his dogs and pigs and just wanting all the power. Snowball cares about the animals and doesn’t care about power.

Napoleon and Snowball would constantly fight; they fought about everything. Every time they fought it helped me understand their relationship a little bit more. One of their biggest arguments was the windmill argument. Snowball wants to build a windmill because he thinks it will bring a degree of self-sufficiency to the farm which follows on from Animalism, which is what Snowball supports. Napoleon doesn’t want to build a windmill; and even urinates on Snowball’s plans for the windmill, because he only wants to follow his totalitarian rule. Snowball thinks that after the windmill is built, the other animals on the farm will only need to work three days a week, Napoleon disagrees with his idea and says “if they wasted time on the windmill they would starve to death”

A moment that stood out to me and helped me understand Napoleon more was when Napoleon used the power he had gained to train puppies into his guard dogs. He trained his guard dogs to do whatever he said, when Napoleon finally had enough of Snowball he ordered his dogs to chase him off the farm for good. “Napoleon let out a cry and the dogs came running at Snowball”. Once Snowball was off the farm Napoleon had no one to fight him for power, so he could do whatever he wanted. If anything ever went wrong on the farm Snowball would be blamed for it, even though he was no longer allowed on the farm. Napoleon started to act more and more like a human as the days went on; he started drinking alcohol, living in the house and making all the other animals work except for his dogs and pigs.

Snowball and Napoleon are complete opposites and this is shown clearly throughout the novel Animal Farm written by George Orwell. The relationship between Snowball and Napoleon helped me understand Napoleon more. Without Snowball readers like me wouldn’t have seen the mean, power-hungry, manipulative, self-centered, and lazy pig he is. Snowball made him show that side of him even clearly, which helped me see that side of him as well. Relationships can be between complete opposite personalities or complete identical personalities. In Snowball and Napoleon’s case, they are complete opposites.

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You begin well with a strong statement that answers the first part of the question - the relationship you are looking at is between Snowball and Napoleon. The second part of the question was how this relationship helped you to understand one or more of these characters. You go to the opposite natures they have and then move to the purpose which is that the difference lets you see what the novel is all about. That is a great start.
You go on to look at the differences and provide evidence from the text which is good. You could come back a little more to the purpose at the end of the essay. Orwell made them so different because he was making a comment about different political systems - or something that lets you mention the bigger picture.
It is a sound essay. Well done.
JD :grinning: