Animal Farm Essay - lvl 1

Describe at least one idea that changed your perspective in the written text
Explain how this idea how changed your perspective

Humans are not born needy or greedy, it is something which is taught and learnt. This idea is explored in George Orwell’s novel, Animal farm. Animal farm changes the reader’s perspective throughout the text and highlights the idea of greed is something you are not born with. During this novel, the reader’s are shown in many ways how Napoleon learns how to gain power which allows him to believe he deserves more than the other animals. It can be seen when Napoleon takes the milk & the apples, claims the idea of building a windmill was his idea & that he deserves all power over the farm by changing the commandments.

Napoleon’s need for power is first gained when he takes the milk and apples from all the other animals on the farm to benefit himself. This is when greed is first shown through Napoleon’s actions “It is for your sake that we drink the milk and eat those apples. Do you know what would happen if we pigs failed in our duty? Jones would come back!” This highlights the idea that without Napoleon doing this, the other animals on the farm would be in a worse position. The reader’s perspective is first changed from this action as they are led to believe that Napoleon manipulates in order to gain power which is a product of greed.

The building of the windmill was originally Snowball’s idea. Snowball had the plans made because he thought it would benefit each and every animals on Mr Jone’s farm. Once snowball was exiled from the farm, Napoleon publicly spoke up about the plan being his idea which snowball had ‘stolen’ “Snowball stole the plans from the windmill. It was my idea from the beginning” This again highlights Napoleon’s greed for power. He is making himself a ‘better leader’ than Snowball by convincing the other animals Snowball is a liar and shouldn’t be trusted. At this point, Napoleon is gaining more and more greed as he gains power.

Finally, the reader’s perspective is changed drastically when Napoleon changes the commandments. By changing the commandments, Napoleon obviously has changed his original idea and perspective that all animals are equal. It is shown when the quote “All animals are equal” is later changed to “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” The reader’s perspective can easily be linked into today’s society and personal experiences as it highlights the fact that many people get discriminated against and that all people aren’t equal. For example, men & women, different ethnicities & beliefs. We are all shown Napoleon’s need and greed for power when he begins to start acting like Mr Jones. " The animals look from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

Napoleon begins to sleep on a bed which was a commandment originally but once again, Napoleon changed for himself. The original commandment stated “No animal shall sleep in a bed”. Napoleon changed this near the end of the novel to say “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets” This highlights the main idea in which greed is not something you are born with it is taught.

Napoleon gains power throughout the novel, he becomes more greedy and likes the power he receives from this. He now acts the way Mr Jones did which is originally why the animals got rid of him. Napoleon’s greed can be experienced by many in today’s society.

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Great use of the key words from the question in your introduction and throughout the essay. Ka pai! One thing that would make your introduction stronger is if you unpacked what your initial perspective on greed was more clearly. Did you initially believe that greed is a trait you are born with?

In your introduction, you establish that the idea you are focussing on is how greed is something you learn, rather than something you are born with. In your first body paragraph, you need to link your example back to that point. How does that evidence show that Napoleon has learned greed? How has that started to shift your thoughts about greed?

In your next paragraph, your strongest point is in your last sentence: “Napoleon is gaining more and more greed as he gains power.” It would be a good idea to start with that and link it back to how it shows that greed is a learned trait. As he starts to get a taste of power, it makes him thirsty for more and this is him developing his greed.

In the third body paragraph, you need to link back to how this shows the height of the greed that Napoleon has learned throughout the novel. That is a good beyond the text example. You could relate this more to the quote from the text you use. We are told that everyone is equal but some people are treated “more equal than others.” What we say and what are actions show can often be two different things.

What could have made the essay stronger is showing more awareness of structure. This is especially important if you’re looking at how a character changes in a novel. What were they link in the beginning, in the exposition and rising action? What were they like at the climax? What are they like at the end, in the resolution? You could weave these terms into the paragraphs that you already have and it shows you understand more how the author purposefully structured the text to develop that idea.

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