Animal Farm Essay <2

A key relationship In George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm is between Snowball and Napoleon. This relationship helps to understand the characters. We are shown this from the change in the characters’ behavior because of each other, it shows us a real life relationship from the Russian revolution and when their relationship ends they change a lot.

Snowball and Napoleon are a key relationship in the Novel Animal farm. They are the main relationship throughout the novel. They have a really important relationship at the start of the novel. Once the old Major dies they take on starting the rebellion. Without them the rebellion may not have ever started. They took it upon themselves to get all the pigs to learn how to read and write because they know that the pigs are the smartest. Them being co-leaders at the start of the novel showed us that before conflict they are good pigs and they want to do what is best for the animals, but once the conflict began it fully changed their relationship.

Animal farm is a novel that is based on the russian revolution but shown through animals on a farm. It shows us that each character is a person from the Russian revolution. Snowball the pig represents Leon Trotsky and Napoleon the pig represents Joseph Stalin. Their relationship is very similar to Trotsky and Stalin. Snowball was exiled by Napoleon the same as how Trotsky was by Stalin. Them representing people from the revolution helps us to understand that Napoleon took control and got rid of snowball.

When Napoleon and Snowball’s relationship ends a lot of things change in the characters’ behavior. Napoleon starts to treat the animals horribly. He makes the animals confess for the bad things they have done and he kills them. He steals puppies away from their mothers and trains them to be vicious, and to protect him. He has animals spy everywhere so that the animals feel unsafe and they will never say anything bad about him. All of this happening after their relationship ends shows us that Napoleon is more of an independent animal. He became the only leader and he was selfish. He will do things on his own, because now he has no one to hold him back and tell him not to do it.

In conclusion, Snowball and Napoleons relationship changed their characters a lot. In the end we realize that they have very different characteristics. They change for the worse when they are not leading together. These characters helped us to understand that the characters are much better when they are together. It shows us how they are before and after the relationship. That Napoleon becomes more independent after Snowball leaves and he is a horrible leader without him.

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