All Quite on a western front

Can I please have help with my essay? I am finding it quite hard.
All quiet on a western front.

The question Describes an important character or individual in the text. Explain how the character or individual is – or is not – a role model for teenagers.

All quiet on a western front by eric remar remque is a book about world war one on the german side. Paul Bulmer is the main character of the book. He has just left high school and has to go to the front line to fight for his country. On the front line he had to shoot people but for the first time he stabbed someone and he felt bad.

Paul had just left high school and his teacher had said that it would be a good idea for them to join the army to serve the country. Then when they get back they will get all these pretty girls there for them. They used propaganda to get them to join the army and they young school boys feel for it.

While Paul was on the front line he was in a bomb hole and he was pretending to be dead and he stabbed a French man. It was the first time he had killed someone face to face. This is when he realised that Guvael DuVal (the young french men) was also young and had a family that would love him and that was wondering if he would ever come home. Everybody on the front line was there because they didn’t have much of a choice and they were risking their life for the people in power of their country and they were probably at home drinking a cup of tea.

When Paul went home he felt that it did not belong there all his clothes, his books and everything felt out of place. He was used to being on their front with the same clothes not being able to read and in a tight place. He also felt that he did not know his parents as well any more since he had been away for so long. When he returned to the front line he had found out that a few of his friends had died.

When Paul was on the front line there were many photos of girls and it made them want to go home and fight harder to get them. They were using propaganda to get them to do what they want. But one day Paul and his mates went for a wander up the river and saw some beautiful ladies and said to them if we bring you food and beer can we stay the night at there’s Os they agreed with them. Later that day they got their food and beer and snuck out to see them although Paul was not very interested he still went and stayed and talked to one of the girls while his mates were making out with the other girls. They only did this because they were missing this as they had been away for so long.

This book is trying to tell you that war is not a great place and that if it is possible to not go to war don’t go it will kill you. Paul was a young boy inthostick about life but he did not know what he was up for. Paul died on a quiet day on the western front in October one month before the war ended .

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The essays always seem a bit difficult when you first try them but when you see what is needed and write a few they become much easier.
In the introduction you set up the novel and the first part of the question which is who the important character is but you don’t set up the second part which is ‘how they are a role model for teenagers’. In the opening try and address both parts in a sentence or two.
You go on and give a detailed description of the character and your evidence from the novel is great. But there is nothing on the second half of the qurstion about the role model.
Think about the things you have set up in the body paragraphs.

  1. That he was manipulated by propaganda to enlist. Now think about why this is something that makes him not a good role model for teenagers. We live in a world of misinformation and we are manipulated all the time. We should not be taken in as Paul was …
    Then you can do the same thing for the next body paragraphs, think about the aspect of the character you are describing and then add the thought about the role model.
    Maybe you could have another go at this one?
    A good start.