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Kia Ora, I’m not sure on how to do the format for this essay. Is it necessary that we bring in critics and another text piece which shares the same ideas of the primary text, or is it just a bonus to do so. Is the essay writing similar to level 2?

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Unfortunately the Studyit forums were not open at the time of this post, but we have now opened for the year. Would you still like some answers to this question or is it no longer required?

Hi there, yes i still need your response please :slight_smile:

Kia ora again anonymous

So essentially in some ways the essay is still similar to Level two - you will still have an intro, multiple paragraphs and a conclusion, you still must use lots of evidence from the text, address the purpose of the author, and essentially develop an argument around your chosen text and the question.

A big difference in the way Level three works is in the questions, which you have probably learned about in class. Because these are phrased as a statement, it gives you a lot of scope to develop your own argument on the day. This argument CAN bring in some critical theory if you have learned about some in class, and can refer to other text pieces with similar themes, or by the same author, or of the same genre, but in order to achieve this is not necessary - it just helps bring insight and development.

If we take the following question "The most important texts are ones where characters do not experience happy endings." There is a bit more to unpack than a L2 question - because you will have to consider whether your text would best support an argument FOR or AGAINST this statement - depends which text you are doing really.If you are going to agree with it, You need to unpack what “Important” might mean to you (does it change the world, teach us something crucial, contain themes that are important throughout all ages etc), then explore why unhappy endings might best support this (with your text as your primary evidence for the argument but can include other texts as well if you like).

I would start the essay with a clear statement about whether or not you agree with the statement eg “In life, there are no happy endings, which is why it is inarguable that in the texts we consume, it is the ones without happy endings that are the most important for helping us understand the world around us.” From there you can start to weave in your text “This is certainly true in the text…” From there you are able to structure an essay fairly similarly to the way you always have, making sure that each paragraph supports your argument.

If yo have written some practice essays you are welcome to post one here and we can give you some suggestions about where you could add or change things :slight_smile:

As of yet I have no quality essays written. Once I have one ready I will post it here for feedback. :slight_smile: