Yellow brick road- what grade would i get on this

This short story called The Yellow Brick Road is written by a Maori New Zealand author called Witi ihimaera. This short story is about the long journey of the Maori family Matiu, the main character of the short story, his sister Roha and their mum and dad. They move to Wellington to start a new life. The main character matiu shows his enthusiasm along the “yellow brick road” throughout the story with his love of the story “wizard of oz’’ matiu believes by following this “yellow brick road” he will arrive in the “emerald city” and life will be perfect. Roha, his mum and dad are sad to be leaving their hometown waituhi and do not feel the same excitement as matiu about moving to wellington.

I would recommend this text to a year twelve student because there is a significant meaning behind this text. It shows a course of action that a person takes believing it will lead to great things. It comes from the yellow brick road from wizard of oz.’ It’s Just like in that book Miss Wright, my teacher, gave it to me before we left Waituhi. A neat book. About the straw man, the tin man, the
cowardly lion and the Emerald City and … we’re almost there!” This quote is said in the short text explaining the link between there journeys and the film “the wizard of oz’
The idea behind mutius family moving to Wellington also known as the ‘Emerald city’ was to move to a city of promised land to accomplish their hopes and dreams, Matius family was struggling to make money in their hometown so moving to wellington would get matius parents higher paying jobs, His family was sad to be leaving their friends and family and this shows when matius mum said “matiu, you sit still.‘’ This shows she’s tired and sad about moving but she knows it’s the best decision for her family.

This short story is about a family moving to a new town where they don’t know anyone and can start their lives over fresh. For many year twelve students, this has happened due to their parents’ jobs having to relocate or new jobs. Matiu’s family, however, had to completely change their lifestyle when moving because they are moving to a big city and it’s new territory for them so they have to m Because Matiu and his family are leaving their hometown, this has a significant meaning in the book. The town they lived in, leaving everything behind is a difficult step for their family.

I considered the issues between Maori and Pakeha after reading this short story. I think the author has experienced similar things with regard to racism and this issue. Matiu is wary since he and his sister have never interacted with Pakeha people. Will the Pakehas accept us in Wellington, Dad? Given that Matui comes from a small town with a large Maori population and has not had much interaction with pakehas in his life, it appears that he is seeking confirmation from his father about what pakehas would think of him and that he is beginning to feel anxious. With this short narrative, Witi Ihimaera hopes to convey to readers the importance of tolerance in our society. This is accomplished by showing how the treatment Matiu receives from the pakehas has an impact on how people from different cultures interact with one another. He suffers because of the rude remarks and presumptions made by pakeha individuals, which frequently happen to Maori year twelve students.

This story could be very interesting for year twelve students who enjoy ‘the wizard of oz’. This short story is based off the yellow brick road from ‘The Wizard Of Oz’. this story displays dreams and aspirations, Matuis family had a hope for a new life in wellington and starting fresh in a new town, This however shows throughout the story Matuis dream came crashing down on him as he starts to have thoughts about what the pakehas will think about him, This relates to year 12s because of the thoughts of what society will think of them. This story just shows that dreams aren’t always what you thought they will be like in reality.

Overall, I would recommend for other year twelve students to read ‘Yellow Brick Road’ by Witi Ihimaera. This text was a reality check for the issues we have here in New Zealand, But don’t notice or be spoken apon in New Zealand, This text was written by a New Zealander who knows first hand how racism can affect a person and was impacted by these actions, This story was written very well and displayed the racism that occurs in New Zealand and brought light upon it.

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You clearly know this well. Your evidence is text based and you are working on the development of the ideas. Think about delving a little more deeply into the ideas. Eg You say "This story just shows that dreams aren’t always what you thought they will be like in reality." Think of how you could extend this - maybe looking at how dreams suggest expectations and expectations tend to be not based on reality. In the story they have no idea really of what they are going to meet for example.
Hope that helps
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what greade would this be at this point

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With the standard the six responses are marked holistically, so it is difficult to answer this question.