Would be able to see if my statements are valid

This questions is from the 2016 paper
Question 3 b(ii)

In the question, the organizers of the games are trying to predict accommodation and transport for the cyclists (participants of the games) not for those who come to watch the games. I see where your confusion came from, it is quite easy to misread the question. To avoid it try to look at the question as a full story. The graph tells you the age of the cyclists, the question mentions finals and heats as well as accommodation and transport. There is no mention of visitors, only competitors so the question shall be about them.

Even then you made ONE valid statement: “not useful” as age is irrelevant for accommodation and transport and that would earn you a “u” mark. For further improvement you could mention which information could have been useful for the organizers instead of age - e.g. the number of competitors or their gender.