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Question: Describe a significant incident in a visual/oral text you have studied. Explain how the significant incident contributed to your understanding of a character or individual

There are certain moments in an individual’s life that can reveal a lot about who they are as a person. This is particularly highlighted in visual texts in which viewers understanding of a character is enhanced through specific events. Steven Spielburg’s film ‘Catch me If You Can’ conveys this through the ‘initial contact scene’- meeting of characters 16-year-old Frank Abagnale Jnr and FBI Agent Carl Hanratty. This significant incident gives us a lot of insight into Frank’s manipulative nature and confidence in adopting new identities, as well as establishing the two characters relationship. This is achieved through several film techniques such as mis en scene, dialogue, and high angle.

Firstly, the significant incident of the contact scene portrays Frank’s ability to adapt different identities. This is highlighted through the use of mis in scene, specifically Frank’s costume. Abagnale is able to convince Carl Hanratty that he is part of the secret service through his presentation and suit that he’s wearing. The suit shows Frank has mastered the ability to charm and con, because he is always prepared and acts quickly. For this reason, Frank is at the pinacle/peak of his life. This reveals how Frank’s character is able to easily blend in without struggle, due to his confidence and manipulation, which are also two important themes in the text.

Secondly, the contact scene is significant because it shows how Frank uses his own flaws to manipulate. This is highlighted through the dialogue “I trust you”. Frank says this to Carl when he leaves his wallet with him in order for Carl to trust him and build a connection. This allows him to successfully con him. Frank himself has trust issues, and because he is so familiar with his own he is able to use this flaw against others. This teaches us that Frank can utilize his own weaknesses to exploit/manipulate people. Frank’s relationship with Carl is also established/foreshaded in this scene.

Thirdly, the Contact Scene contributes to our understanding of Frank as it shows how he will struggle with his identity. This is conveyed through the use of high angle on Frank as he runs away from the motel after conning Carl. The shot highlights that Frank is in a vulnerable position and at a disadvantage because his identity has been revealed to Carl who is looking out the window down on him. Carl now knows what the culprit of the check forgering looks like, which means that Frank will no longer have the safety net of easily taking a new identity to escape being searched and is now on the run. This emphasizes that Carl has gained the upper hand. In addition to this Carl also learns how Frank is an expert at conning and manipulating, which will help him in finding him later. This shows us how Frank struggles with his identity as showing himself puts him at a disadvantage due to his choices. This is important as it links to the themes of choice and consequence.

In conclusion the contact scene is significant because it enhances the viewers understanding of the character Frank Abagnale. It highlights how he has manipulative tendencies, is confidently able to adopt new identities, but also struggles with his own. It also foreshadows and establishes the relationship between Frank and Carl that becomes crucial to the film and Franks development later on.

Well set up in the intro, b oth parts of the question addressed, purpose of Director shown.
You choose good evidence, have techniques and the only thing to think about is to develop your commentary on the theme. You say "This is important as it links to the themes of choice and consequence. Expand this - Why and how does it link and what is being shown about choice and consequence?
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