Why too much happiness is a bad thing- Can I please have some feedback

Why too much happiness is a bad thing- Can I please have some feedback

Happiness. Some grow up with it and some learn to try and grow up with it. But the truth behind happiness is that whether you think you do or not, everyone silently craves it. It’s because it makes us feel good. It makes us feel as though we have a purpose. What you probably don’t realise is, sometimes too much happiness, means we take the little things for granted. Sometimes too much happiness makes us forget to express other emotions. And sometimes with too much happiness, we constantly feel obligated to always be at our best; even if we are at our worst.

Have you ever felt as though you are always wanting more out of life? The chances are likely. It is human nature to long for the things that make living more convenient, or in other words, make life happier. However, it’s not always healthy to feel so fulfilled. Especially when one reaches the point where they no longer want more, or need more. Overtime, people tend to become naive of the privilege they possess. In fact, you won’t even realise, that the things you think you desire, really are the things that eventually have us feeling drained or used. Feeling as though a new phone or a new pair of shoes is the key to unlocking one’s content, tends to circle back to that fake happiness that slowly eats away at us. Companies take advantage of a positive mindset and use your happiness to make profit. We are simply blinded by the truth. Blinded by happiness. Blinded by the fact that it is the small things which bring the simplest pleasure. However the error we tend to make is that these types of things always need to bring joy. Perhaps for you it’s walking in the rain or family breakfast which gives you the emotional depth your brain needs. Don’t lose sight of what’s important. The supposed happiness you expect to gain, is not worth losing passion. It’s the challenges in life that bear the most value. We shouldn’t act our best, when we are at our worst.

A common misconception is that we feel more when experiencing these happy emotions. Wrong. It’s not all that great to constantly be at your best. We don’t realise it, but there are always going to be parts of us that are overwhelming or in other words; sad emotions. By being happy all the time we are disclosing the sad pieces of ourselves and bottling them up. Without expressing when we feel down, it leaves us in a numb and empty state of mind; or, can often be a building block to a moment in which all these sad emotions are released at once. This being something of which can have an extreme toll on our mental health altogether. We shouldn’t act our best, when we are at our worst.

Happiness is not out there, it’s in you. But why do we always feel obliged to seem at our best? When we become naive to the fact that we are somewhat faking our own happiness, often it means we are hurting within. Whether you feel you have no one to talk to or it’s simply because you haven’t recognised it, you may not be as entirely happy as you perceive yourself. It tends to be that constant need to act and appear this way to others, which forces people to believe they are genuinely happy. Legitimate happiness is what is good for our brain, but once it gets to the point where it pressures that false joy, we are merely plastering on the smile for the sake of it. Listen to your pure emotion. Look around the room. I guarantee that every person here remembers at least one time where they felt sad. Because it’s normal! Why should we pretend to be this ideal and untroubled person society expects. We shouldn’t act our best when we are at our worst.

We don’t have to find happiness within ourselves all of the time, but it’s the passion out of life that fuels our soul. People need challenge. People need motivation. But what people really need, is to become accustomed to the fact that happiness isn’t always going to be the answer to our problems. If we only ever try to find great deals of happiness, we disregard the small but significant moments in life. If we constantly prioritize happiness, we tend to lose time for expressing other important emotions. And if we start putting happiness before other things, we find ourselves trapped in the cycle of always acting undefeated. It’s okay to be defeated and it’s definitely okay to not recognize it. But it is so crucial to remember, we shouldn’t act our best, when we are at our worst.

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An interesting topic for a speech! You have a lot of good speech conventions/features in here, including rhetorical questions, triple construction, short sentences, repetition, etc.

I can only give you quite general feedback given this is an internal - I would look at some of the statements you are making and ask yourself “why is this the case” or “how can I be more specific” - one eg is where you talk about how new shoes or a phone only brings you fake happiness - well why is this? Why does it not last? Is there any science behind this? There are a few places that would be benefited from some more specific egs/comments.

You might think about why people feel like they have to “act happy” all the time - there is likely a reason for this - why might society encourage this?

All in all, this is a good speech and you have clearly worked hard on it. Well done :slight_smile: