Where to answer question in PETAL format

Hi, I was just wondering how/where would I answer the question of my essay when I am using the PETAL paragraph structure. For example, if the question was

Describe a realistic/unrealistic setting in the text, explain how the realism or unreality of this setting helped you understand a particular idea.

I was just wanting some sentence starters and tips on where I would start answering the question in the PETAL structure.

Thank you, sorry if it is a bit confusing.

Kia ora - welcome to Studyit

So for a petal paragraph - the question should first become evident in your point (P) so for a first para it might be something like

"Firstly an unrealistic setting is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which helps us understand the idea of ___________".

Point sentences are the best place to signpost how you are answering the question.

You can then continue to explain this further and give evidence - for example it might be that there is magic which is unrealistic, and give some quoted examples (E) This is where you start to explain how the setting is unrealistic- A possible sentence starter could be

"This is because…" "We see this when Rowling writes (quote)."

Technique (T) is self explanatory here really - but if you are using petal you probably want to pick a technique from your evidence - it might be metaphor, or Jargon or symbolism, or foreshadowing, etc. See below for potential starter

"Rowling uses specific Wizarding jargon like “wand” and “spell” to help the reader understand…"

Analysis is where you break down the effect of the evidence/technique - hopefully in relation to the question.

"This jargon helps to create the unrealistic setting because…"

Link is where you say why this point matters - it should link back to the question, and also perhaps make a point about why it matters in a wider context if possible.

"The unrealistic nature of Hogwarts is effective in helping us understand the idea of… This idea is incredibly significant because…(make a statement about why it is an important idea in terms of humanity for example)"

There are a bunch of different ways of writing a paragraph - but those are the basics as to how you might integrate your question into the discussion.

Hope that helps - come back if you have any further questions though! :slight_smile: