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Why procrastination is a very important skill for our generation

Raise your hand if you procrastinated this speech in the holidays. Well, to those who have, I commend you greatly, and to those who have not, I hope that by the end of my speech, I will have convinced you to give procrastination a shot and incorporate it into your daily life. My speech is about why procrastination is a very important skill for our generation. It is an effective technique to lower your grades and salary, impact your future, and I’ll even be showing you how to create your own self-perpetuating procrastination cycle! Why prevent the delays when you can just learn how to manage them.

Have you ever spent ages working really hard on an internal, and still only received an E? A key benefit of procrastination is that you have to worry about this less. A 2019 study on NCEA showed how students that wait until the last minute are 78% more likely to receive an Achieved. And you can too! Just adding this simple routine to your life can increase academic misconduct, course failures, and low grades. It will also ensure that work quality and exam scores are minimised. Procrastination is an effective way to promote underachieving, which takes pressure off students, and this is a perfect example of how procrastination is such a powerful movement that you can be part of.

In addition to the academic benefits that procrastination can bring you, consider the prospects of your future, as it is a habit that is most effective when started at an early age. Procrastination can have a powerful impact on your salary. A 2018 internet study interviewed over 20,000 people and got them to rank the amount they procrastinate from 1-5. They found that an increase in just one star was associated with a salary drop of about $15,000. Additionally, procrastination can lead to a variety of exciting physical and psychological effects, such as insomnia, depression, and lowered self-esteem. This shows how procrastination is an effective method to reduce both your savings, and your mental health, so you don’t have to worry about any of that anymore.

If procrastination seems too hard to maintain, I hope I have assured you that it is worth it. In fact, it is quite easy to add this routine to your daily life. For example, if you procrastinate going to bed, you will likely get a lack of sleep. This can reduce your capacity for self-regulation, and consequently lead to increased procrastination. This will lead to a further lack of sleep, and so on and so on. You might even get a touch of anxiety as a biproduct, which will cement this loop in even more. You’re essentially creating your very own self-perpetuating procrastination cycle, that you will have the opportunity to grow and nurture your entire life.

So, as we can effortlessly conclude, procrastination is a very important skill for our generation. It is quite easy to do, and you can get started right now. Just make sure that you don’t get anything done until it absolutely needs to be. Clearly procrastination has countless benefits. You can improve your academic success, your future, and you can take an exciting trip through the procrastination loop. While this speech may or may not be sarcastic, it has a serious message, so I genuinely want you to think about this: Why shouldn’t we spend the rest of our lives postponing everything?

The content of the speech is great - it flows well and develops ideas. Half of the standard is dealing with the content and half is with the presentation so it is impossible to even suggest a possible grade without seeing the delivery.
Think about how to engage your audience with gesture, expression, volume change, pauses and so on and practise.