What do we do with the conclusion?

I have made a conclusion in my practice report. However I’m not confident whether it covers all criteria. Can someone please have a look and give me some feedback? Thanks

Here it is:
The strong positive relationship between total runs in the career and the number of 100’s cricketers gained now has been proved. The more runs one complete, usually the more centuries he will gain. Meanwhile, considering other relevant variables can make a great difference, and it really helps with the understanding of the data.

During the investigation, I have found the importance of applying different statistical models even on the same issue. It makes the conclusion much more specific and accurate.

This report also has its relevance and usefulness for those investigating the high achievements in cricket. However, the researchers should not only pay attention to the accomplishments like centuries, but also the other important figures that sometimes are underestimated.

I am truly impressed with the cricket players’ effort throughout their careers to gain that century - the best recognition of ODI’s Olympic spirit.

Kia ora Fang,
Your conclusion needs to complete the process of the investigation, therefore it should link with the original purpose and problem that you posed at the start, draw in all the research that you did and reflect on how that supports or goes against your findings and give the clear context of your findings. In the conclusion you have given here, it is difficult to check alignment with your original purpose as you have only shared your conclusion, so let’s presume you have covered that! I see little linkage to any research completed, and while you have made some good points (such as looking at other factors) it could benefit from depth of discussion. For example, what other important figures are sometimes underestimated?
It would be helpful for you to review the exemplars on NZQA’s website as they have excerpts of the different levels of achievement and explain what makes it good and/or what could be improved.