V for Vendetta\|| I got A5 in my dervied grade and I am not sure what I missed? what parts should i include more in order to get a E

Begin your visual or oral text(s) essay here:
Describe a memorable scene in a visual/oral text you have studied.
V for Vendetta is a remake of a 1977 comic book. V for Vendetta is based in a totalrain world, where the current ruling government of England tortures it’s innocent people and will do such things that any mankind would never do. V for Vendetta is directed and produced by Australian director James Mcteigue. He uses camera shots, dialogue, and lighting to help us viewers to fully understand what is going on with the current scene. A memorable scene in the visual text I studied would be the part where Evey finally regains freedom after being held captive in a cell by V. The scene includes where Evey is crying and raising her both arms towards the dark sky in the rain. Evey was inside a dreadful cell for a period of time where she was tortured and spent nights without food, after being free from such a horrifying place or anyone who regains freedom and happiness after going through a hard time we often raise our arms to the sky. Almost symbolising we are thaking the lord for finally giving us freedom and starting to give us our good times. While Evey raises her arms to the sky, James Mcteigue uses a medium shot, a shot where we only see the character’s head to waist. This shot also allows us to look at the character’s expression while doing the action. During this time Evey was in a state of relief and sadness. She was crying spontaneously while raising her arms to the sky. Alongside during this scene it was raining, it almost showed the sign of a re- birth of a new Evey, the rain showed me the characteristics of baptism. When anyone is baptised that person has given re-birth and officially then becomes a christan. Evey has gone through so much her life showed in the flim she had to suffer the passing of her dear parents aswell as going through a close call of getting rape. Evey was quiet all along, and was a ordinary citizen of the England who would quietly listen ot the government. But now Evey has given re-brith and has set a goal that she would not let this goverment stay. Before Evey raised her arms she saw somewhat of an illusion of V. This was where V was telling his time in saint mary hospital and how he was burned alive and saved himself out of it. The illusion the audience sees and Evey shows us V walking out of the fire and later baging his arms at his chest. This shows us that both characters are here and set out a huge revenge on the Norse fire regime, especially with V him coming out of the fire resembles that he would not die again until he kills the chancellor. This scene makes it memorble as its finally gives the audience the insight of both of the characters went through and there stories.

Explain why your chosen scene is memorable.
My chosen scene is memorable as it shows us the rebirth of Evey and also tells us about V past. V needed Evey to come into realisation, and V needed her support to make any upcoming decisions. This scene is memorable as it is turning point of the movie and also the point where it gets the audience thinking. I was confused as audience why would V torture Evey liked that? When she is the only person he only knows and perhaps only loves. Why would you torture your loved one like that? That was one of the questions that came to mind. Another reason this scene was memorable while Every raised both arms towards the sky was the director integrally uses medium shot to capture the moment it allow use to see Evey;s strong emotion in more in detail. The whole mood changed due to low saturation of colour in this scene it was almost black and white to give it a sad tone. Altogether techniques like these made this scene memorable as it also hada log back story behind it.

Hi Sahul!

A5 is not a grade - do you mean an A4 or an M5 potentially?

You clearly have a fantastic understanding of the scene and how the director has utilised techniques to create meaning.

First of all it would be good to look at your essay structure, this is really important in NCEA English and if you can get it sorted now, it will help you out at the end of the year and later on - typically we would expect to see an intro, 2-3 body paragraphs and a conclusion. It is best to think of the question as one cohesive thing you are answering rather than having two separate answers - so “Describe a memorable scene in a visual/oral text you have studied. and explain why it is memorable”.

The intro would include
an introduction to the text and director, a little bit of context, and a thesis about how you will answer the question - in this case which scene you found the most memorable and why.

First paragraph might include some elements of the scene and why it is memorable to you, and then the second two paragraphs would repeat this but with different aspects of the scene. You could consider splitting the argument you have here into

p1 - the focus on Evey in the scene and what this represents (and why memorable)

p2 - the rain and setting in the scene (and why memorable)

p3 - the stuff about V (and why memorable)

Conclusion is where you can draw it all together - restating your points and explaining why this is significant to the film as a whole, as well as to the viewers.

The exemplars on the NZQA website would be a great place to start. I suggest you have a look at these, have a go at rewriting this using a stronger essay structure and then resubmitting here - we would be happy to give you some more feedback :slight_smile:

Ohhh this makes so much more sense! Thank you so much!

also yes the grade was A4*