Two cars one night

The award-winning comedy Two Cars One Night, which Taika Waititi directed in July 2003 and shot in New Zealand, follows the tale of two brothers, Romeo, age 9, and Ed, also age 9, as well as Polly, an eleven-year-old girl. Romeo and Ed, two boys, wait in their car while their parents drink in the bar in this movie, which is set in the parking lot of a small-town pub called Tek Kaha. Romeo observes Polly, who is also waiting for her parents, and strikes up a conversation with her out of boredom and restlessness. What starts out as a rivalry soon grows into a sweet friendship. Romeo was a master of subtly humorous, innocent sweetness in movies.

I would recommend this short film to year twelve students because it is a deep short film with lots of raw material about young children experiencing love at first sight.Waititi depicts his own childhood memory of waiting outside bars for his parents with his brother Ed in “Two Cars One Night,” which is based on his own experience. This short film depicts raw emotion between Polly and Romeo, as Romeo tried to impress Polly but eventually acted like himself and they became friends. I believe that this short film is about young children experiencing love because they began by insulting each other by calling each other nasty names, eventually Romeo getting in her car and growing a friendship. Near the end of the short film, Polly gives Romeo an expensive diamond ring he had been looking at with her and says, “he can keep it so he will always remember her.” This demonstrates to me that She appreciates their new friendship and does not want him to forget their time together. This point in the short film is very relevant because everyone has childhood memories. Everyone in society has had their first crush, or new friendships, or even waiting around for your parents to do something, whether it’s in a pub or just going to the supermarket. This relates to the human condition because no matter where you go, you meet new people. It’s an unavoidable fact of life that not all friends last. Romeo goes through this with Polly; their friendship grows, but they never see each other again, leaving only the memories of the night they met.

Another reason this short film is a good recommendation to other year twelve students is because it is a story about three young kids who are stuck in there car waiting for their parents for hours and hours because they cant be home alone, This could bring back childhood memories for a lot of people of when they were younger, Finding things to do in the boring turned off car, pretending to drive around, Or even just meeting new people whether it started of kind or mean at the start, Just a friend who could help time go faster. I think this because Romeo is struggling to find things to do as he’s pretending to drive, As he notices there is a girl around there age in the car beside them he gets interested and encounters her in a way where the audience thought it would be a friendship of rivalry but as the audience watch on they get to be close friends or even fall in love. Evidence behind this is Romeo is putting his chair backwards and forwards and pretending to drive away. This links back to society because we have all been there, Having to wait around for our parents because we aren’t old enough to do our own things, Or stay home alone. This idea is significant for a year twelve student for the connection that it brings to most others’ childhoods.

This short film directed by waititi is a very easy and creative film to watch filled with many emotions. It’s also a very easy film to watch as there’s always something happening around. With Romeo’s humor and outgoing attitude it makes the film a very good recommendation to other year twelve students. The evidence behind this is that Romeo started off being a show off and calling polly nasty names, But when polly snapped back Romeo realizes that she’s just like him and started to warm up to her, That’s when his humor starts too show, Another example of this is when Romeo was pulling the finger at polly thinking he had her, she then did it back to him that’s when he felt insulted and his humor comes out. This is significant to human nature because we all have a different sense of humor. Some of the audience could find it offensive and some may find it funny.

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With this standard it is looking for your personal response to the texts, so you need to show you understand the text and can relate in some ways to it. You begin with a short synopsis and then explain why the film would appeal to other year twelve students, providing evidence. To strengthen the response you could go a little further into the links - Eg you say "This links back to society because we have all been there, Having to wait around for our parents because we aren’t old enough to do our own things, Or stay home alone. This idea is significant for a year twelve student for the connection that it brings to most others’ childhoods." ** You could extend this a little - When we read it we recapture things from our own childhoods and it lets us better understand how we felt when we were at that stage - too young to be left alone, bored and looking for distraction of any sort.
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