Tips to identify Language features

My main problem with this is identifying language features. After I can do that I can explain it pretty well. I can see when there is a language but don’t know what the language feature and how to identify it.

this text here is a good example and this text

Welcome Bruh
Identifying them is often the big challenge. You need to understand what they are.
You need to be able to find the common ones: Metaphor, Simile, ( Try watching this link: )
Lexical choice - where a word is used purposely to create an effect- eg adjectives to add to a description of something or someone.
In the Prose extracts there may be features like statistics, quotations from other people, rhetorical question - where a question is asked that the reader is not expected to answer but it makes them think about what the answer would be, listing.
You could also look at the point of view in the extract.
One of the easier ways to approach the text is to split each into three sections and then try and find one feature in each which helps answer the question, identify it and then give an example and explain how it helps the question.

Looking at the text about the fire.
You are asked to describe the experience of the fire for Federico.
So the first section describes him playing with the lighter and making the flame. Line 8. " delicate as bone china’ - simile - at first the flame is tiny and there is no idea at all that it could do any harm - he is careful about keeping it going.
The second section looks at the fire starting. Line 14 and 15 - ’ fire leaps’ ‘fire spills’- both are metaphors - making the fire seem dangerous and frightening for him - the lexical choice of the words ‘spill’ and ’ leaps’ gives a sense of great speed as if it is all happening too fast for him to understand.
The last section looks at the fire taking over and the real fear the boy is feeling - line 24 - ‘hungry flame’ - personification - showing the way the boy had realised he was in real danger of being overcome by the fire.
Does that make it a bit easier? Hope so.

Try using Quizlet to learn different language feature terminology. Know the name for the term, explain what it does, see an example of the feature, and explain the effect conveyed. Here’s a link to one of the Quizlets for Level 1 NCEA: