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Control is a powerful tool for power. This is proved in George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, based on the Russian revolution. George articulates how strong the power of control is, how it’s installed and how it changed the reader’s perspective on the idea. This is displayed through specific characters, settings and key quotes.

Napoleon directly represents the idea of control throughout the novel and how powerful it can be. He does this through manipulation and specific quotes can back this up. For example “all animals are equal but some are more than others” or “Napoleon is always right”. These were very specifically worded to manipulate the animals of the farm, because they are less intelligent they won’t notice the unfair ways of napoleon. Control is a powerful weapon which Napoleon demonstrates to an extent in the novel.

Napoleon’s control was thoughtfully planned out and executed to a high level. A technique to prove this would be the use of the characters squalor and the dogs. An example of the use of these could be the quote “do not imagine comrades, the leadership is a pleasure”, or the circling of the dogs guarding Napoleons every angle. By relating to the farm animals when saying “comrades” it makes the animals think they relate to Napoleon, and by having dogs at his every corner Napoleon intimidates any animal that might speak up. The planning and execution of Napoleon’s take over was well set out and thought through.

The reader’s perspective on power early in the novel is dramatically changed to near the end of the novel. In the beginning Snowball, who was the leader at the time stated that “every animal is equal”. This quote proves that the idea of communism and everyone being equal was in play or at least present at the beginning of the animal farm but was soon to change for the worse. Early on the perspective of the reader is the complete opposite as it is at the end of the novel.

Napoleon and Snowball change the reader’s perspective of control and power in the novel by their actions and words. An example of this could be in the setting of the commandment wall in the farm house where multiple commandments are changed and alcohol is found at the scene. By changing commandments from “No animal shall sleep in a bed” to “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets” and “No animal shall drink alcohol” to “no animal shall drink alcohol to an extent” gives Napoleon and the pigs that extra bit of control they want and they can do it because no farm animals smart enough to question them. Snowball’s creation of commandments and Napoleon’s altering of them changes the reader’s perspective of control and power from being equal to having a leader.

In the novel Animal farm written by George Orwell an important idea was power and how control is an important tool for this. This idea changes the reader’s perspective tremendously as it changes so vastly. It does this through key characters, Napoleon and snowball, settings and key quotes. Control is the ultimate weapon for power.

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