Study tips and techniques

Hello just wondering if anyone has any study tips or techniques for mathematics going forward really want to get decent marks on my exams :blush:

Hi @Kaelyn, which standards are you going to attempt for Mathematics?

Tables equations and graphs and chance and data

Tables, equations and graphs
Have a look at these topics:
About Mathematics 1.3 Tables equations and graphs.

The notes about parabolas and exponential functions are really good:
Exponential summary
Parabola summary

Chance and data:
Have a look at the summary of this standard, especially “advice and tips”:
From my experience, this is the standard most students find easy, especially at Achieved level as a lot of questions are quite intuitive.

My suggestion would be to start working through practice tasks:

First, try to complete a paper to the best of your ability, then check how well you’ve done against the marking scheme. A good strategy for any exam would be to first solve parts a) and b) of questions 1, 2 and 3. This way you are sure of securing an Achieved. Then move on to the harder questions. If students are confident and aim for Excellence, they sometimes choose to skip the first parts of questions and focus on “excellence” parts only. However, in Statistics questions often follow one another in a logical sequence.

If you have any more questions or have specific problems you need help with, you can always ask here for help. Good luck with your studies, @Kaelyn!