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Q: Describe ONE key relationship between two people in your text and explain why this relationship was important to both of the characters.

Soul, a movie directed by Pete Doctor is about Joe, a music teacher who dreamed of becoming a professional pianist. His sudden death led him to mentoring 22 in “The Great Before”. The relationship between Joe and 22 was distinctive, because their different mindsets affected how their part of life played out. This relationship redefines what is a spark, since Joe reflected why 22 appreciates the small perks life on Earth offers that make life amusing.

Joe is blinded by purposes and passions as 22 is starkly opposite. With Joe’s mindset as a spark is a purpose influenced onto 22, this demotivates 22 through the montage as thousands of other mentors all throw the same idea as Joe, near the end realised that, “A spark isn’t a soul’s purpose! Oh you mentors and your passion. Your purposes, meanings of life. So basic.” Dialogue by Jerry. This detrimental mindset between them inflicts unnecessary self pressure and doubts to find a passion in life, a passion gratifies in life and a spark is the joy of living.

On Earth, 22’s fears from people storming around shelling her, shown transition from quiet, dim to non diegetic sounds of traffic, and bright lighting represent bombardment of new unexpected experiences without warning. Her spark appeared to be a socially intelligent but self-conscious person and the scene where 22 describes life as jazzing when walking in Joe’s body, shortly laying on the vent with smiles and laughs with Joe, the metaphor jazzing says that life should be as immersed with a roller coaster of emotions as deep as jazz music.

Joe and 22 were back to “The Great Before” turning 22 into a lost soul, obsessed with losing the chance to find her spark, reminded 22 back “That isn’t a purpose, that’s just regular old living”. After intense music to show suspense chasing after 22, Joe went inside 22 to find out doubts and gave 22 the leaf back on “The Great Before”, awakening 22’s misery as Joe explained “That last box fills in when you’re ready to come live. And the thing is, you’re pretty great at jazzing.” The relationship reminds you that in your lifetime you’ll find someone who will be there for you, both characters have learnt that life’s about living every minute of it. People who truly understand will fix their mistakes that they’ve made, that’s what makes a person strong.

Those wrong understanding of life is what the relationship between Joe and 22 shows the characters mindset, they both have the exact core obstacle, finding their spark. Through their eyes on Earth, appreciating and living life as a journey, makes us curious to try to find our balance between purposes and our joy in us. We humans are designed to be social creatures, so just being self centred makes relationships inadequate, but when we open our bubbles, we learn from and support each other.

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A great film. You set the two parts of the question up in the intro, but just a thought, how about giving a little more detail about 22 to help the marker. Eg a reluctant soul…? bit more on the notion of the spark.
In the conclusion you get to the perceptive comments but it would be great to develop these in the paragraphs before too. Come back to the director’s purpose in each one. What is he trying to show us? What is he wanting us to think about?.. You have included techniques which is good.
A solid essay that you could add a little more to.
Hope that helps.

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