Scholarship Agriculture

Hi I’m currently studying for Scholarship Agriculture and Horticulture Science. I haven’t previously studied the subject at Level 1, 2 or 3 (because my school doesn’t offer it). I have no resources at all. Could someone please point me in the right direction on how to start prepping properly (resources, books etc.)? Would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Hey VedantP9

That’s a lot of learning to try and attempt on your own !!
I believe the NZQA website would have the best resources in terms of what you need to learn.

Here is the link to the past scholarship papers (scroll to the bottom and look for the zip files to download - 2020 to 2015 are available to download)

I would suggest you read over the Assessment Specifications and Reports as they always contain lil gems of information of how previous candidates have done.

Your best bet would be to go over the questions, attempt them on your own and read how the schedule allocates the points for it.

Hope that helps!

thanks so much. appreciate it

Hi Vedant,

I have a colleague who runs scholarship tutorials online for 4 schools. She has kindly offered to include you. If you’d like to message me your email address I will pass it on and ask her to contact you with the details of those classes.

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Hi thank you so much for this. This would be extremely helpful. My email address is:

I’ve passed that on. You should hear from them within a few days.

Best wishes.