Quick question about film techniques

This might be a silly question but could someone please clarify exactly how many film techniques are required per body paragraph? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Riyak

Regarding your Question, 1 film technique is required per paragraph. This technique must support answering the question and why the director has used it. The main thing in the exam is to answer the question. Please make your information easy for the marker to find by using the TEEPEE structure or TEXAL.

Hope this answers your question.

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Kia ora Riyak - welcome to Studyit, great to have you here!

No such thing as a silly question :slight_smile: Feel free to ask any questions you want here.

There is not an actual requirement as per the marking schedule as to how many film techniques are required in each paragraph. However, what the marking schedule does ask for is that you have woven in “specific evidence” (and in the case of the film essay, this is likely to be film techniques). It can be a good guide to aim to include one or two per paragraph, and consider how the director has used these together to achieve their purpose.

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