Question about Probability Tree

Hi there
I have a question from the 2014 paper Question 3 d)

Can you please explain how to solve this problem?

Hi again @11111111

Yes this is a tricky one. It will be easier for me to draw this for you. I will upload a photo of my working for you :slight_smile:

Scanned Documents.pdf (458.8 KB)

So hopefully from the previous questions you have worked out the odds of each sum from the two dice. The key part to this question is that they want the game to be fair so that the chance of them both winning needs to be 1/2.

It isn’t asking what numbers they need to get it is just asking you to calculate the odds for Matiu for the game to be a fair game.

Hope this makes sense.

Hi, yes, your working has cleared my doubts. Thank you so much for clarifying things for me!

No trouble, happy to help