Question about a Question :)

  1. Analyse how your understanding of the text was revealed through key events.

What is “your understanding” of the text really mean? Is it the themes or ideas that you discovered? Or just whatever you thought about the text?

Just wondering what would be the best way to answer this question.

Thank you.

Kia ora Shreysh

Great question - it is really good revision to spend time with different questions and try to break down exactly what they are asking you.

I think that the strongest way to answer this would be your first guess really - the themes and messages within the text and how these became clearer through the key event. The nice thing about a question like this though, is that it is somewhat open - so for example if you had an idea that the conflict or relationship in the text was a really crucial aspect to understand, you could talk about how THAT was revealed by the key events.
Essentially if you think about understanding as potentially being about one or more ASPECT (theme, setting, character, relationship, etc) then that might help you work out how you want to answer the question.

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