Practice film essay(its not quite fineshed)

Describe a significant incident in a visual/oral text you have studied.
Explain how the significant incident contributed to your understanding of a character or individual.

In our society, youth is often found struggling to understand big emotions that stem from incidents happening around them. In steven speilburg’s ‘catch me if you can’, a significant incident is when frank abagnale jr is exposed to a not so perfect family when he finds out his parents are getting a devorce. This incident affects Frank’s whole life but it mostly shows me how Frank is still only a kid and as a kid he gets overwhelmed with emotions that he has when his “happy family” isn’t so happy any more.

As Frank has been living a seemingly good life, the incident of his parents devorce causes his young mind a lot of confusion and other difficult emotions. When Frank is sitting on the bed we are shown a close up on his face, this allows the viewer to get a better understanding of the characters emotions through their facial features. We can see Frank looking at his parents while expressing that he is confused about how the devorce is happening.

For a kid, parents are one of the most important things, especially when they have been raised to be who you are.While Frank is working through the confusion from his parents’ device, Frank is faced with the decision of picking between parents, a decision that impacts his life and him greatly. When Frank is asked to make this decision we see a shot showing his face half in the shadows and half in light. This lighting technique hints to us about the internal conflict Frank is currently facing. As the light/dark ratio on franks face is even, i believe it represents how frank is set perfectly between picking his mum or his dad which is reasonable as both have been there his whole life.

After the news of his parents devorce frank is already full of confusion, and a new internal conflict between parents. So instead of choosing he does what a lot of teens do nowadays; he runs from his problems.

Kiā ora
The introduction is sound with the first and second part of the question - you clearly establish the specific incident and set up the things you come to understand about Frank as a result. You also manage to get to the deeper notion of the author’s purpose which is great. You also include techniques which you need in the Visual responses. So this is a good start to the essay.