Practice Essay - Any feedback is appreciated - The Sixth Scene

The text is The Sixth Scene by M. Night Shyamalan. Thank you


u might found quite some syntax or spelling error as I am an ESOL learner🤣

Kia ora Fang
You show a solid understanding of events in the film and consistently use film techniques throughout your paragraphs.
You address the question in your intro and in your conclusion; you now need to do this throughout the whole essay.
The question has two parts: conflict, and HOW it was used to reveal PURPOSE. This means you need to show what the conflict actually is and then look at how this shows purpose. It is vital that you express what the purpose of the director actually is more clearly. What messages are they trying to convey to the audience?
When you look at techniques, make sure that you are analysing the effect they have on the audience and link them back to your points about the question. Think about how and why they are used by the director because this is what analysis requires.

Thank you so much! That helps a lot. The only question I have, is how to define the conflict even clearer - can you please show me an example using the information provided in the essay?

Conflict is a catalyst for change. When you talk about the relationship between Cole and his mother, you could look at the conflict that has been there between the two of them. This conflict arises because Lynn doesn’t know how to help her son and, as a result, conflict becomes heated. When Cole eventually confides in her, there is a resolution to the conflict and they start to understand each other.
Think about using the key words from the question and ensuring that you weave these in throughout your work.

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