Please help, science struggles

Hi everyone. I am really worried about the upcoming exams for level one science. Really stressing out about it all. So worried that I will fail.
Can someone please help me for what I need to know to just pass mechanics (physics), Chemistry, and Biology. Just looking to getting across the line and passing. Any information will be very helpful and apricated.
Also, if you have any study tips for science please let me know.

TIA :slight_smile:

You will find some ueful support for L1 Science at NCEA Science Level 1
If the only Chemistry topic you are doing is S1.5 Acids and bases then you can get a short overview of what is expected at
Or a very thorough revision booklet can be downloaded from

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Kia ora Michaela,

I would second Ian’s recommendation of No Brain Too Small. In addition you may find some of these videos useful. They often include a breakdown of the grade for each answer as well. The way these exams are marked, I would suggest attempting some merit level answers, as an overall pass becomes more likely. Whereas if you just aim for Achieved, one or two mistakes could lead to an overall Not Achieved.

Thank you so much, been looking at your videos. Has been very helpful for the mechanics topic, as I missed out on a whole month of it while I was away in Holland. Have already picked up on so much more. Is there any study strategies you would recommend to do for science?

Thanks Ian, will look into these, I’m sure that the booklet will be helpful :slight_smile:

Hi Michaela, I’m glad they were useful for you. I highly recommend printing off old exam papers, and completing them to the best of your ability without notes. Then change to a different colour of pen and complete as much as you can using notes/workbooks/internet to help you. Finally mark the paper using the schedule. As you do more of these you should see your capability improve, and you will also become familiar with the pattern of the exam questions.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: !!

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I just want to say, a huge thank you. Your videos are so amazing. You break everything down, so its so simple, and easy to understand. Was practicing some of the level 1 physics using the 2020 exam paper, I got every question correct. To me that is a huge accomplishment, from going form a fail. Before watching your videos. To then getting everything correct.

Thank you so much again. Your tutorials have been a massive amount of help to me. :grinning:

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Excellent work Michaela, you’ve done well to put in the time and work to improve your understanding. Thank you for the feedback. Best wishes for your upcoming exams. We’ll advertise some more webinars for this year closer to the exams, so keep an eye out.

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