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Describe a key relationship between two or more characters or individuals in the text. Explain how this relationship helped you understand at least one of these characters or individuals

dystopian shows how crual humanity can get when people get the taste of power and how they use it against a crowd or community of people. Orwells novel “animal Farm” highlights how people use power and how far people go with it, and how they get rid of people that want to overthrow people in power. the relationship between Napoleon and snowball shows us how far Napoleon will go to get and keep power to overtake the farm in control of himself.

Napoleon and Snowball have a key relationship throughout the text. When Napoleon gets rid of Snowball with his 9 enormous ‘dogs that come bounding back’ the use of the verb “bounding” highlights the use of them knowing who their owner is and where abouts they need to go. The use of this technique shows that the dogs were used for a different purpose then what they were born for, this shows that Orwell explains what Starlin did with his secret police and that is the exact same thing as what Napoleon is doing but with dogs. Orwell is explaining how people don’t fight against the police because if you do people will know they will get in trouble. this links back to Orwells purpose in this novel because the animals in power (Napoleon) they will do anything to install fair into the other animals keep control over everyone.

In this novel Napoleon used Snowball as a scapegoat by blaming everything on Snowball that he hadn’t done. When the windmill was destroyed, Napoleon stretched to the animals, “Comrades do you know who has come overnight and overthrown our windmill, Snowball, Snowball has done this”. The emphasis on the Noun ‘Snowball’ shows the technique to show why Napoleon and the other pigs got rid of Snowball to have power for themselves. Orwell used this technique to show the reader how Stalin/ Napoleon manipulates the animals into believing that someone is wrong for whatever they do throughout the text. Orwell did this to show what people can do with people by their side and make use of the person the previous got rid of and make them sound like they did everything wrong when they were in position of power.

Napoleon used Snowball to instill fear into the animals, the animals now knew Snowball as someone that did something wrong on the farm “Suppose you had decided to follow Snowball, with his moonshine of windmills- Snowball, who, as we now know, is no better than a criminal” The use of the verb ‘Suppose’ shows that the pigs believed that many of the animals followed Snowball. The use of the verb shows how the pigs manipulate the animals into believing that Snowball was wrong and the pigs were using him as an installation of fear into the animals eyes. Orwell wrote this as a sign that no matter the person they will always say the leader before them did everything wrong. As it instills fear in the people’s eyes for not wanting the previous leader to fight back for his spot. This makes me understand the character of Napoleon as being one for wanting power over the other Animals on the farm, and really wanting power.

In conclusion, the relationship between Napoleon and Snowball helped me understand Napoleon’s character and what he will do on Animal farm to attain power in this text. Orwell’s Animal farm really highlights what the Character Napoleon does to gain power on the farm, and how people will get rid of other people to gain power as well. Dystopian text shows the cruel reality of when people get a taste of power.

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it was a key relationship between two or more characters

Hi Levi - so "describe a relationship between two or more characters, and explain… (there is always a second part) - do you remember what it was? It is really hard to give feedback otherwise as a big part of the marking criteria is around whether or not you are answering both parts of the question with balance!

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A good introduction (although proofread that first line as it does not quite make sense - could say “Dystopian fiction” instead of “dystopian” and then it would) - you set up all parts of the essay here though, and signpost what your argument will be.

As you discuss - you could be a bit more specific about the fact that it is an allegory - you do link it throughout to Stalin, or to the idea of power - but this would be stronger if you were clear that this is deliberate (this counts as a technique you are discussing as well). Then as you go through you can talk about, for example how Napoleon is an allegory for Stalin, the dogs are an allegory for secret police because… etc.

You could unpack your evidence a little bit more - you are picking out the verbs which is good, but consider - what else could you say about it? - eg when you talk about the dogs - if it is comparing them to secret police, what does this then tell us about the secret police? Why has Orwell chosen dogs specifically for this particular role?

Make sure you fully unpack the explain part of the question in each paragraph - This highlights that Napoleon’s character is…/This helps us understand Napoleon as a character who…" You do this in some places and it is implied in others but you must make sure you are addressing the question in a balanced way - really unpack it.

Well done on a good understanding overall :slight_smile: