Osmoregulation feedback please! and any E exemplars?

I have the conclusion written out so far:
The purpose of this investigation was to find whether by increasing the consumption of potato chips, simultaneously, the consumption of sodium, would salinity increase, and the change be detected in the urine.

Five stressors were tested, 25.9mg of Sodium (equivalent to 5g of chips), 51.8mg (10g of chips), 77.7mg (15g), 103.6mg (20g), 129.5mg (25g). Each stressor was tested 3 times over a period of 3 days- thus with 5 stressors. The entire experiment took 15 days, from the 16th of April till the 30th of April.

The 5g/25/9mg stressor had a salinity change average of –0.4ppt, the 10g/51.8mg an average of 1.0ppt, the 15g/77/7mg has an average of 1.63ppt, the 20g/103.6mg has an average of 1.87ppt, and finally the 25g/125.9mg has an average of 3.1ppt.

These results show a trend as a positive linear graph, and from our averages and trend line, we can determine which stressors were our low, medium, and high stressors.

From the 5g/25.9mg stressor salinity change average to the 10g/51.8mg stressor, an increase of 1.4ppt is observed. From the 10g/51.8mg to the 15g/77.7mg, an increase of 0.63ppt is observed. From the 15g/77.7mg to the 20g/103.6mg - a 0.24ppt increase. And finally, from the 20g/103.6mg to 25g/129.5mg, a 1.23ppt increase.

From these average differences we can infer that the low stressor is the 5g/25.9mg stressor as a big jump is visible from the first to the second stressor (1.4ppt difference). The medium stressors are 10g/51.8mg, 15g/77.7mg, and 20g.103.6mg, as they have minimal salinity change differences viewed (0.63ppt and 0.24ppt). The high stressor is 25g/129.5mg, as a difference of 1.23ppt is visible- which is a sudden jump from 0.24ppt in terms of average changes.

From the table we can see outliers that have been included into calculating the averages. Inconsistent before and after values that may seem as outliers will not matter much in this investigation as this experiment focuses on the amount of change made from the before and after. The first outlier was on the 17th (on the table) for the 5g/25.9mg stressor, at –2.7ppt. The second was on the 19th, for the 10g/51.8mg stressor, at 3.5ppt. The third was on the 22nd at –0.7ppt for the 15g/77.7mg stressor. The final outlier was on the 29th at 0.8ppt with the 25g/129.5mg stressor. Impacts and causes of these outliers will be discussed further in the evaluation.

I concluded that from these results, that my hypothesis in saying that the more sodium consumed via consuming potato chips, more salinity will be detected in my urine due to osmoregulation, was correct, as the change was visibly increasing.

But I don’t know how I am supposed to link it to biological ideas. Can someone help me with that if possible?