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Practices Essay-Truman Show #2
Isabella Phillips.

Peter Weir’s, “The Truman Show.” The Truman Show is about a man who is in his early 30s named Truman Burbank, Truman is the start of the TV show “The Truman Show.” Set in “The best place on earth” Sea Haven. Truman is completely unaware that he is under 24-hour surveillance and it is also on a live tv show for everyone in the world to see. Truman’s staged mother and wife tend to control his life with even little things he does. His whole life has been controlled and he has no knowledge of this.

There are many important turning points in “The Truman Show.” Truman lost his father at a very young age but Truman’s Father’s death was staged. The producers of the shows decided to drown his father when he and Truman went out on a boat. Truman’s father fell off the boat, Close up of Truman’s father drowning. This is completely unethical, Truman has NO IDEA about this show at all.

Truman had a flashback of Sylva, she represents something new, something that he has felt, not something that has been pushed or forced on him. The day Truman met Sylva was the day the merl Truman’s wife forced herself into his life whether he liked it or not. Truman’s wife has been with him for many years and she doesn’t even care for him. She is an actor being paid to be married to this man. Which is very sad, If you were to find out everything and everyone around has been lying to you your whole life and everyone knew apart from you, How would that make you feel?

As Truman tries to leave sea haven in a sailboat, no one had expected this thinking they had Truman to scared to try and leave. Truman had other ideas. Close up: The sailboat start skinning, Christof is willing to let Truman die on live TV as he was born on TV Christof thinks he can die on TV as well. Truman is willing to die to get the freedom that he has never had because of the show.

A close up of the newspaper saying “Seahaven the best place in the world.” Truman has desires to leave but he has a fear of the water after his father’s passing Truman has been told and told there is nowhere to go that no place is better than Seahaven. Truman wanted to travel to Fiji when he brought this up to his wife. The words were Meryl: I thought we were gonna try for a baby. Meryl: Isn’t that enough of an adventure?

In the world today everything we say and do is kept on record, Over social media, video cameras, and even where we have been. Nowadays we know that’s how things go and we still have the privacy we don’t have cameras in our homes and there are warning saying where there are cameras. Truman has no idea at all, if people, were to keep a camera in someone’s house without their knowledge they will get into a lot of trouble.

In conclusion, The Truman Show is completely unethical because Truman had no idea he was under There were many turning points in this film, nothing that had happened or that Truman had done was ever real. In the real world today we are all under surveillance. Everything we do and say is record everything we don’t on social media gets recorded and cannot be deleted. “In case I don’t see ya, good morning, good afternoon and good night.” quote from Truman Burbank.

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