NCEA Scholarship Exams

Could someone please give me some help with scholarship exams?

Hi there

My first piece of advice would be (if you have not already) to have a really good look at the past papers and examples. Potentially doing this will help you come up with some more focused questions for us to answer.

Section A - You will want to practice comparing and contrasting texts, looking at similarities and differences - you can practice this the same way you would Level 3 Unfamiliar, and practice reading, annotating, etc.

Section B - Genre focused - you will want to know one or two genres really well, including all the conventions of a genre, etc. This could involve things you have studied in class and on your own.

Section C - This is where width and depth of reading comes in handy - if you make an effort to really explore a whole bunch of different texts, different issues, etc so you have a lot to draw on.

Do you have a more specific thing that you are struggling with or not sure about?

Thankyou so much!

I think the main question I have is how many well-revised books, films, and poems should I be going into the exam with? Thankyou again!

Hi again!

There is no real fixed number.

For section B, you will probably want to talk about 2 or 3 different texts - it is good to prepare two genres for this just in case - ie you might have (and again, there is not a fixed number) three short stories and three poems known really well.

For section C you shouldn’t use the same material as Section B, so you will want 2 or 3 plus ready for this as well - though if you had revised two genres for section B you could discuss any of those that you don’t end up actually using.

Hopefully that makes sense.